F&M ED Class of 2023 Discussion

Howdy!! I couldn’t find a thread for ED applicants for 2023 so I thought I’d make one. I’m so nervous with decisions coming out any day now. I thought we could have this discussion and be in this together :slight_smile:

I applied ED 1 and I believe the decision will come out on the 14th since the 15th is a Saturday. Good Luck!

Our daughter applied ED1. I get free daily USPS emails with scanned envelope images. Her birthday is a week later. This last 30 days of waiting is tough.

when do you guys think decisions will be released? so nervous =((

I can only guess portal notification as early as 14th.

I just could not bear the fact that no-one wrote any anxious message since 12/9. Here is mine. Son had applied ED. I am more anxious than him for sure.

when are the decisions coming???

It says by 12/15/2018. The wait is killing us!

Where does it say that, on the portal?

Right on the website in the section where it discusses early decision.

Guys, can you look at my stats because I’m so nervous?

GPA (unweighted) : 4/4
Courses difficulty: Honours
SAT score: 1260 ( 580: English , 680: Math)
IELTS score: 7.0
STEM-oriented education
requiring full aid

Gender: M
Country: Egypt
First generation

Extracurricular activities:

• Finalist at Nasa Space Apps Alexandria 2017.
•Participant at Robocup junior Egypt 2018.
• Participant at Intel ISEF Egypt Exhibition 2018.
• Participant at Young researchers supervised by Egyptian knowledge bank.
• Honorable mention in the International Youth Math challenge (IYMC), online competition.
• Winner in the national physics competition, first 200s among 1000 participants.
• Awarded first place in (social and national awareness competition), 25 participants.
• Winner of “the best photo” trophy in the school.
• Member at Competitive college club (CCC) supervised by
• Member at Egyptian society for astronomy (EST).
• Researcher and translator at Egyptian researchers
• Speaker and vice president at STEM press.
• Coach at English club.
• Lecturer at TIPS, TOEFL and IELTS preparation sessions.
• Member at tachyons team, Electronics team.
• Reader at Bibliotheca Alexandria.
• Attended “challenges of living in space” public seminar
presented by Mark Jernigan, Environmental Control and
Life Support Manager at NASA.

Thanks 26hopeful, I just ask because my daughter’s the one with the portal access, I can’t see it.
So it sounds like you’re looking at the general guidance that’s been shown from the beginning, nothing they’ve updated in the last few days.

Yes. It says ED 1 by December 15th and ED 2 by February 15th. Here is hoping cause the waiting is torture.

any updates?? It should be out today after 6 hours no?

Why do you say that, today is the 14th? Did you hear something?

its in 2 hours

it says December 15 12pm edt
im confused since im an international student.
when does that mean

My daughter got a message tomorrow at noon it will be released on the portal.

@JOhn245 Maybe try this site to convert. F&M is in EST. http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
@26hopeful, how did your daughter get a message, email?

She sent a screenshot…I think it was a text.