Faculty/Advisor gift ideas from graduating senior?

College decision day is behind us and I would love to get DD college counselor a special thank you gift.

The CC has been amazing through our roller coaster ride. Always responsive, supportive and available discuss course selection, offer essay feedback, or simply give a good pep talk during moments of panic. If I had any questions or concerns, I was always able to meet within a day or two.

I am hoping people here will have some great suggestions!

Our kids each gave one special person at their school a gift, by they waited until after graduation. In both cases, it was a gift card with a very nice thank you note from all of us.

This was ‘teacher appreciation’ week at school. They said it through FOOD. Many of our families are immigrants, so we had a lot of delicious food from around the world. And if we didn’t get enough this week, next week is the Festival of Nations. More food.

My daughter gave a teacher who helped her with application some swag from her chosen school (it was one of his favorites). I remember a coffee mug (which we know he used as kids saw it on his desk) and a ‘stress ball’ in the shape of a cowboy hat. You could do a little of both with a box of food (candy, hot sauce,a specialty dish) from the area where the school your daughter chose is located.

That is a super cute idea and I will file it away for future use - DD is not going far, so it wouldn’t be as fun.

Gave the advisor of 4 years - Red Sox tickets and a gift card to restaurant near Fenway :star_struck:

Gave one teacher a big box of golf balls

Giving the dorm parent a Dunkin Donuts gift card and a white noise machine :joy:


Some of the gifts DS gave to CC, advisor, etc were a gift certificate at Rat’s and entry tix for GFS, a membership at GFS, family membership at Philly Zoo, etc. I’d also consider gift certificate at McCarter, local cinema, or restaurant, cooking class if these follow their interests. All, of course, with notes from your D (and your family where appropriate).

Clearly, we liked the idea of gifts of experiences! But other gifts that we’d given over the years included gear with their favorite sports team (especially fun for those who have a foreign team), scarves, insulated coffee mugs, beach towels, books, food, etc.

In all cases, we tried to tailored to their interests/style/family situation, which in most cases, your D will know!

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Child of teachers here.

The BEST gifts were a handwritten note and a donation to a favorite charity. We could have opened a diner with the number of mugs, ceremonial plates, engraved trays, etc. And every Christmas, a local nursing home got the accumulated year end baskets of perfumes, soaps, bath beads, cut crystal vases, “local” souvenir novelty items, etc.

The letters were cherished, the donations much appreciated…but there is nothing like a thank you note from a student, especially the ones that recalled “you changed my life”.


@blossom, lots of teachers in our family. Your post rings so true!

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Agree! I have a few special student gifts (Christmas ornaments, artwork they made and really good).but I kept all the thank you notes for 30 years. I had a bulletin board where I just added the new ones in my room behind my desk. When I was cleaning out my room, I read each and every note again…and that was special.

All the teacher mugs were donated to the faculty room.