Fafsa verification no taxes

<p>My parents do not file taxes and are illegal. They make around $20,000 a year together. We get food stamps. I only put my fathers income since they are not married. I've been chosen for verification. What should I do? Please help, I really need financial aid.</p>

<p>You will have to provide your dad's income/asset information in whatever form the school requests. Being undocumented doesn't exempt one from having to file taxes if they meet the IRS' minimum earning requirement. If so, they will not be able to award you any federal (and perhaps state) aid until his tax situation is resolved. Explain your situation to the school and ask for guidance. They've probably dealt with many similar cases and will be better able to advise you than an internet board...after all, it's also in their best interest to be able to enroll you!</p>