Fall 2014 Applied/Accepted Thread!

<p>I know that it’s a bit early to make one of these, but as the admissions deadline comes upon us, I thought it would be nice a thread for Fall 2014 applicants where you can post your stats and major. I’ll go first:</p>

<p>Major: Civil Engineering
W: 4.07
UW: 3.89
ACT: 29 Composite (24E 30M 27R 35S 8/12W)
Will graduate with 7 AP classes.</p>

<p>Other schools applied to:
SJSU, Cal Poly SLO, CSULB, Utah, Case Western, U of South Florida (already admitted).</p>

Major: Computer Information Systems
GPA: 3.60
IGETC/basic majors classes completed. </p>

<p>Other schools: CSULB, CSUN, Cal Poly SLO, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside</p>

<p>Major: Computer Engineering
W: 4.06
UW: 3.62
ACT: 30 Composite (32E 29M 29R 29S 8W)
Finish with 4 AP Classes</p>

<p>Senior Year Courses:
AP Government/Honors Economics
Honors Physics
Honors Engineering
Pre Calculus
AP Psychology
AP Language</p>

<p>Other schools applied to:
SDSU, Cal Poly SLO, SMU, UC Berkeley, UCLA, ASU (admitted), University of Minnesota Twin-Cities, Purdue, and UCSB</p>

<p>Im so scared haha</p>

<p>Major: mechanical engineering
G.p.a is 4.22
ACT is 32
Great E.C
Scared! SlO is my number one and only one</p>

<p>International Student-Indian.
Major : Biomedical Engineering with Neuro Science- Pre Med Track
Second Major : International affairs
Toefl and SAT 1 written, waiting on scores.
Not applying for Financial Aid.
ECs and community service, good.
Applying : GATech, BU, CaseWestern, UnivPitt, UnivIllinois-UC, TheOhioState, UnivWashington, GeorgeWashingtonUniv, Loyola-Chicago, UnivRochester, Purdue, Rutgers-NewBrunswik.

<p>How did you get on this thread ahah</p>

<p>I received a supplemental application for engineering today. Did anyone else receive one?</p>

<p>Yes, my daughter received a supplemental app for engineering as well.</p>

<p>On her application, she did identify an alternate, non-engineering major. Does anyone know how Pomona handles alternate majors? If she’s not accepted for engineering, will she have same chance to get in under her alternate major as she would have if she had listed it first? I guess what I’m wondering is if Pomona makes the admissions decisions first with the impacted majors, and then decides on non-impacted majors.</p>

<p>Where did you receive the supplemental application?</p>

<p>^ Via email, but I’m pretty sure it was just for Civil Engineering, though other engineering disciplines might have sent them already as well.</p>

<p>Just received an invitation to apply to the Kellogg Honors College, so that looks like a pretty good sign.</p>

<p>^^ My son received the same email and we will go check it out next month.</p>

<p>My younger son just got an invitation for the Honors college. Last year his older brother got the same invite and was eventually accepted at CPP. Yes it is a good sign.</p>

<p>S admitted 12/20.</p>

<p>Mech Eng
3.18 (w)
3 AP’s</p>

<p>Also applied: SDSU (admitted), SLO, CSUN and several UC’s.</p>

<p>They’re admitting people already? If it’s legit, congrats- especially with a 3.18 going into mech eng.</p>

<p>My son also admitted on 12/20.</p>

<p>Civil Eng
3.85 (uw)
ACT 25
Taking first AP this year - Physics</p>

<p>Also applied to: SDSU, CPSLO, CSULB, UCI, UCD, UCR and UCSD (no admissions decisions on these yet)</p>

<p>^Do you happen to live within the service area?</p>

<p>No, we are in So OC</p>

<p>Hmmm, that’s kind of strange that you heard back this early then; since it states on their website that they only send out December notifications to in service area applicants. Though hopefully I’ll hear something in Jan or Feb, but since I’m out of state, I guess I won’t bet my money on it…</p>

<p>How is everyone getting their notices? From Bronco Direct under Admission Status? My son’s still reads APPLICATION RECEIVED. </p>

<p>The only recent communication has been an email, not from admissions though, about applying to the Kellogg Honors College. I think CSULA is our service area school, not CPP. </p>