Fall 2021 transfer Gwu

I’m a first year (technically first sem but we will get into that later) student at Temple U in Philly. I am applying to gwu and American but I am mainly focused on gw as I want a more urban experience. I was rejected by gw and American on my first round but my gpa is significantly higher in college. I also have a work study in the field I intend to work in which IMO will be a good booster to my application. I wanted to know if there are any tips to bolstering my transfer application and if the admission rate has changed since the pandemic . I wanted to know peoples experiences at gwu and their transfer experiences in general .
Thank you!

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How many units do u have?

At the end of this semester I’ll have 12 and I’m going to take some more in the summer

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I’m applying as a transfer. I applied in January but my application hasn’t updated since GW’s applications for transfer students just opened April 1st