Fall 2021 Transfer Students

Hello! I’ve decided to create this thread for college students that plan to transfer for the Fall 2021 semester! I am currently a rising sophomore at a Community College (CC) and I plan to enroll at a 4-year college for the Fall of 2021. All college transfer students are welcome in this thread! Please feel free to share your experience, stats, ask for advice, or just to support one another. I hope this can become a safe and helpful space for everyone. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m also a fall 2021 transfer student, nice to meet you : )

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Hi! Also planning to transfer fall 2021. Bookmarking this thread, I also created one for schools in the south + northeast

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I’ve officially submitted applications to multiple CSU’s and UC’s. I’m also transferring from CC.

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hi everyone! i’m also transferring fall 2021 from a CC, hopefully, to an LAC :slight_smile:

i hope we all get into our top choices!!

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My daughter just applied to several UCs, transferring from a CA community college. The wait begins!

Major: Evolutionary Biology

Applied to:
University of Nevada Reno
UCLA (huge reach, but why not)

Accepted: UNR (Reno)


I am a transfer student too from a four-year uni starting for fall of sophomore year

Major: International Affairs, National Security, Politics or Political Science

applying to :
American University
Catholic University of America
Loyola University New Orleans
Tulane University
Virginia Tech University
University of Maine
University of Denver
University of Arkansas

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Haven’t seen this question asked here, but I’ve applied as a transfer student for fall 2021 to several different CSU campuses. Anyone know if when I send my AP scores in, if I am supposed to send a separate score report to every campus I applied to, or if i can just send one score report to the overall CSU system?


I am also a CCC transfer applying for Fall 2021. I applied to:

Major: Political Science/International Relations
3.7 GPA, no extracurriculars, single parent

UC Berkeley (closest campus to me)
UC San Diego
UC Davis
UC Irvine (TAG school)
UC Riverside
San Diego State
University of Virginia

Good luck everyone!

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(sorry cross-post here) My daughter is also considering transferring. Did you use the common application to talk about why you would like to transfer or did you just write about your background? I am asking because there are some conflicting suggestions that one should use their common app essay to talk about why they want to transfer and modify it for each school before they submit it online. My daughter’s college counselor told her that the common application essay (even though it is as a transfer student) should just give background and that the school specific essay of why you want to transfer should address the actual transfer issue.

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Hey everyone! I’m joining this thread because I’m also applying to NYU business school for the fall of 2021. I’m currently attending a community college in NY. I don’t think I would get in. I don’t have extracurriculars because I work part-time and Covid. I’m still applying anyway. My stats are:

3.7 gpa so far

PTK and lambda sigma member.

I’m part of one club.

Dean’s Least all my 3 semesters

Precalculus honors credits

I know I don’t have a chance compared to many of the applicants with a bunch of extracurriculars. ( I’m a stutterer guy, so I might write my essay about my speech disability maybe that helps lol)

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idk if this is exactly what your asking about but heres my experience:

most colleges will ask a " why (our school) " or a " why are you transferring" question or some combination of the 2. thats where she would put that info

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Thanks for this! Applied to SDSU, CSULB, CSUN, CSUSM, UCI, UCR, UCSB, UCSD, ASU, UofO, SU, HPU.
Degree: ADT, Psychology
GPA: 3.68
Major: Speech Pathology

My son is applying to transfer for fall 2021 as well. He’s a freshman at Umass Amherst now, and he’s applying to:

U of Vermont
U of Connecticut (in-state)
U of Colorado

Long story, but in hindsight, he should probably have taken a gap year because of COVID. He’s doing really well so far this semester, but fall online learning from home was a real learning curve. We’re all hoping that significant weight will be given to his high school GPA, SATs, AP scores, etc. given the pandemic.

I was admitted to umass.

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this is not all of them but heres where Ive been accepted so far:
UConn (undecided)
Uni. At buffalo (undecided)
Stony Brook

all for business/ Marketing unless otherwise specified

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has anyone heard back from UCI?