Fall 2021 Transfer

It says status completed and below there’s an acceptance letter. You’ll also receive a letter in the mail.

I just got my acceptance today! It was exactly a month since I applied if that helps anyone

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congrats! :slight_smile:



congrats :slight_smile:

Is American releasing decisions in waves? If so, do we know when the next wave will be?

I think you should contact them if you haven’t received a decision at this time. I applied around January-February and got my decision weeks ago.

It’s taken about a month for most people. - I applied 25 days ago, haven’t heard back yet.

Oh wow

I actually just heard back today. Accepted into the School of Public Affairs!

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I heard back yesterday I got in!

Same !!! - maybe we could do a group chat for transfers?

Sounds good!!

do you guys know the last day is to enroll? trying to see if i can get an early read at another university

When I spoke to someone in admissions she said they don’t have a hard deadline to deposit and enroll, but they prefer students to give notice of whether or not they will be attending AU by July 1st.