Fall 2021 Transfer

Starting thread to discussion applications, questions, decisions, etc.

has anyone received their decision yet?

No. I didn’t receive any email to set up a portal either. How do they release decisions?

I believe it’s through the portal. I applied in December and was able to make a portal then

I got my decision yesterday.


Congrats MTplanner - I am refreshing my portal about once every 5 minutes, lol

google “future eagle portal” and make an account

When did you apply? I’m still waiting to hear back and am wondering when I will.

I applied March 13 and all of my materials were already submitted. I also applied last year for first year, so that might have had something to do with it.


Congrats MTplanner - I am refreshing my portal about every five minutes, need to stop. I applied on the 17th but only got my College Report in a couple of days ago.

Is this for the DC school?

If you have a good GPA they will give quick turn around. Don’t worry.

Yes it is

thanks for the advice - tbh AU is kind of a reach, so we will see.

Has anyone else heard back yet?

Still nope

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Yea I received my decision a week ago. I got accepted!


congrats! when did you apply?

Congrats that’s awesome! When did you apply? When did you finish getting materials in? What did the admissions portal say when you were notified? Mine just says “status - completed” - I assume yours says “status-accepted”?

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I applied in January but my application was complete until mid February. I wish you all good luck and thanks!

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