Fall 2021 transfer

Anyone else apply? Any idea when decisions will get released?

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I have applied there too! And they said as a reply to my email last week that decisions would be released in few weeks.

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Did anyone call the admissions office to ask for decision date?

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Honestly kinda surprised it’s taking this long for Trinity since it’s a smaller college


That is what I am surprised about. They released decisions in one month for spring transfer.

I sent a letter of update/cont interest last night and they replied this morning outlining what the waitlist process is and what I can expect. Should I assume that they’ve waitlisted me? Nothing is on my admissions portal

Seems like. Because I had sent then an update letter too and reply was:

Does it mean I am rejected? Well, seems like ( other colleges have done the same).

Unless they confused you with a freshman applicant who is currently on their waitlist.

Sorry for the scare my fellow applicants. I just got another email from them that they confused me for a freshman applicant and that they’re just adding it to the rest of my materials

Any news?

admission told me they will release decisions by the end of the week! good luck everyone!

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Thank you for the information. At least we have a probable time-frame now!

Just got an email about that there was an update posted, admitted as a junior transfer

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Congratulations! I am yet to receive update. Are you a domestic applicant?

i think my update application button is missing? no decision for me yet.

Thank you! I am a domestic application

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I am an international student from India. Also, what are you majoring in?

There was no “update” button present on the portal, I guess. I always sent updates through email.

Anyone else got their updates? I still didn’t receive mine! I guess they are doing it region-wise or waves.