Fall 2022 Early Applicant Trends

Interested in any data released from Universities regarding the trend in early action/decision applicants. We all know that applicants for Fall 2021 had record number of early applicants but what about 2022?

Here is the data that I’ve compiled so far but would be good to have a single thread for additional schools:

  • UVA: +17% ED and +7% EA
  • UGA: +3% EA
  • Georgia Tech: +12% EA1/EA2
  • Yale: -8% REA

Pitt announced a high increase, +50%? I’m sure that can’t be right

Why do you doubt what Pitt has communicated? They say they’ve received nearly double the number of applications as of the same date last year. Fall 2022 Update - Admissions | University of Pittsburgh

I was doubting myself if I heard it correctly! Wow that’s an amazing increase!

Are these numbers an increase from '21 to '22? I know UGA has released EA, but GT is due until January.

Yes this is Year-over-Year increase/decrease of early applicants for Fall '22 compared to early applicants for Fall '21.

For GeorgiaTech:

Thanks for starting this thread, this has been on my mind. @JBraun and @2Devils you may be interested in this thread.


Where did you find that Yale number?

I would love to see '20 and '21 increases to see if huge jumps last year come down and vice versa…not to delegate to you or anything. :joy:

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Yale numbers source here - Yale College sees second-largest early applicant pool in history - Yale Daily News

I think you can get the early applicants for all schools in their Common Data Set, but I’m more interested in '22 since no CDS obviously and just news releases from schools at this point…

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Smart! School newspapers are the place to look. I am interested in '22 as well since last year was so wild (I have a '21 and a '22).

I didn’t realize that last year’s CDS filings were finally out! It took so long for some schools I forgot to keep looking, thanks for the reminder. edited: wait are they out for last year? It looks like the most recent ones are for 2020-2021, which I believe that means starting college in 2020?


Pitt +50%

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Wouldn’t double be a 100% increase for Pitt?

Couple of thoughts regarding Pitt. First, there seems to be 100% increase in applicants according to the school statement. Pitt is rolling admissions however, which bring me to the second point, which is that the # of applicants has doubled compared to this time last year.

So not sure if the # of applicants will really be doubled once all applicants have submitted. Could very well be that this year more applicants are just submitting early and we’ll see a drop in number of applicants as time goes on… Will be interesting to see.


Apparently the theory on Yale’s decline is from Princeton bringing back SCEA. So Princeton SCEA could pull from a few other schools, too.

MIT - “down a little” which they attribute, in part, to Princeton SCEA.

Last year EA apps were 15036

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The huge jumps did not come down at UGA or Ga Tech. UGA was up 27 percent last year and is up another 3 or 4 (I have read both) this year. Tech as mentioned above is up another 12 percent.

A little surprising to me there wasn’t at least some decrease as both are requiring standardized tests, and the thought was applications went way up in part because schools were test optional.


Very interesting since I did think some of their gains last year came from FL requiring tests and them not but now they have held those gains with the test requirement back? I look forward to hearing the theories, the main one probably being that students are nervous after last year’s numbers so still submitting a lot of apps. What a cycle.

Based on some of the threads provided, the way-too-early, only anecdotal theory is:

1 - The Fall '22 students continue to apply early decision to a college continuing the trend from last year. Personally, my son said that almost everyone of this classmates applied early decision somewhere (realize that this is a small number but perhaps indicative of the larger trend?). I realize that those with financial aid requirements may not have this luxury, so this is by no means a universal statement.

2 - If statement #1 is true, then most students could recycle their essays from their ED school and use them for EA schools. Hence we’re seeing EA applications increase.

3 - The test optional/test blind policy continues to encourage students to apply to more colleges.

4 - The Yale/MIT SCEA drops can be partially explained by Princeton bringing back SCEA. I am a bit unsure that the drops can be attributed solely to Princeton, but perhaps. Would be interesting to see the Cornell data to support this theory.

Happy TDay everyone!


I thing Harvard and Stanford data would be more telling.


Curious whether anybody has this data yet or it has been reported anywhere.