Fall music auditions?

<p>Hey guys :) Im going to be a first year and I really want to audition for UVa's wind ensemble but there's no audition info on the website, only for like the orchestra and smaller groups. Does anyone know info about auditioning for a woodwind player (flute)?</p>

<p>Audition info should be going up on the website soon--the office staff are mostly on vacation this week--but if you want to know right away, you could email the Wind Ensemble director, Bill Pease, at <a href="mailto:pease@virginia.edu">pease@virginia.edu</a>.</p>

<p>ok great thanks :)</p>

<p>I'm thinking of audition for a string chamber ensemble. </p>

<p>Exactly what skill level players are accepted into the chamber program?
Are there are sorts of levels, from, let's say, Suzuki book-level students and on?
Or is it mostly advanced kids? As in, most of them were in all state orchestras etc.</p>