Family weekend November 2004

<p>Anybody have any advice, tips, and/or pointers about CMU's family weekend this year? Heard there is not much to do, so rent a car.</p>

<p>Parking availabilty is VERY VERY limited. Get car only if you are able to park at the Hotel you'll be staying at and need to supply the kid with STUFF. Get used to the public transportation-Pittsburgh has a great system and also gets the kid to use the system. Get around the surrounding area primarily because this will essentially will be Home for the kid. Campus OK but how long do you really want to see building. Culture fair is OK but something you can see in any big city. Go out to eat. See the Park and the Andrew the Dinosaur. Take the Incline. Meet the Roommates.</p>

<p>Bus System is practically door-to-door from airport to school. CMU kids already has paid for system in the fees. If you have car. Be prepared to chauffer. Kids will take advantage of your wheels.</p>

<p>We went last year. I felt it was worthwhile because we got to visit with faculty and they had a great question and answer session. Other than that we looked at the surrounding areas like Shadyside, Squirrell Hill and other tourist areas. The International Fair was OK. We really did more stuff off campus than on.</p>

<p>Thanks to all the Carnegie parents who have responded to my inquiry about the family weekend 2004. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!!</p>

<p>Also, you should visit the proximity of Pittsburgh. I used to live their, until I moved to Idaho.....My two sisters live about 3 minutes walking distance from CMU, and University of Pittsburgh (where they go). The area is very nice, and Shenley Park is closeby. There is a lot to do, if you want to have a vacation.</p>