Family Weekend/Parents' Weekend in October

<p>I'm the father of an incoming freshman. Trying to get some information on what to expect regarding the Family Weekend. </p>

<p>Do the kids typically want to stay on/near campus - i.e., do I need to get a car?
Is the weekend an unwelcome interruption of their study schedule?
Are there many more activities than what is currently listed on the Yale website?
When do parents typically arrive/depart?</p>


<p>Welcome to CC! The Y2012 subforum is for matriculating fr to discuss fr issues. Since your questions will benefit from the insights of members already familiar with Y, I'm moving this to the main Y forum.</p>

If you haven't already made hotel reservations, it may be too late to get reservations for one of the hotels that are essentially on campus: the Omni, New Haven Hotel, and the Marriott. Also be aware that hotels significantly increase their rates for family weekend and you usually have to pre pay with a minimum stay. Restaurants close to campus also get booked for Saturday night dinners. </p>

<p>Yes, it can interrupt study time, so be prepared to do things on your own. </p>

<p>Did you mean do the kids want parents to stay close to campus, because of course, kids stay in their dorms. I would recommend a car if you want to go anywhere off campus or take your kid shopping, etc. </p>

<p>For future reference, some of the hotels will take your name on a waiting list for parents weekend 2013 and contact you when you can make a reservation. I know the Omni does this. I think it's variable when parents arrive. Most I think arrive sometime Friday and leave by Sunday morning.</p>

<p>Entomom -</p>

<p>Thx for looking out for me.</p>

<p>Prefect -</p>

<p>Thank you for the details. We got in at the Premiere Hotel and Suites (a bit funky but not too far away), have a car (driving in from JFK), and made reservations for Friday night (is it better to go out on Saturday night)?</p>

<p>Does the agenda flesh out more as the date approaches, or is this mostly about hanging out and doing shopping with your child?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>No problem, it's in my job description ;). Check out the Parents thread, lots of great information and nice folks there.</p>

<p>I don't think it matters which night or nights you go out- if you're tired from travel, Saturday may be better, but it's just personal preference and what your kid's schedule is. </p>

<p>There will probably be more events added to the schedule as time gets closer.</p>

<p>YaleDad, when you referred to the information that is available on the Web site, were you referring specifically to this page:
Schedule</a> of Events | Yale College ?</p>

<p>The detail of this schedule looks to me to be the same as the detail of the final schedule for last year's family weekend (although last year we needed to wait until after mid-September).</p>

<p>Which restaurants close to campus should I look at for Parents' Weekend reservations? Are there favorites among Yale families for this event?</p>


<p>HoorayHooray, you asked about restaurants. I'm the mother of a rising Sophomore, and we have enjoyed exploring the dining options in NH over the last year and a half (we live in suburban NY so have made at least a half dozen visits what with pick up and drop off over that time). There are quite a few nice restaurants, but make sure you get reservations for the "obvious" parental visit times like parents' weekend (we actually skipped parents' weekend and went the weekend before last year). Some of our favorites are Thali, Zinc, Heirloom, Ibiza, Istanbul Cafe. We're trying Oaxaca this weekend when we drop her off. This thread from my favorite recommendation site may also get you started.
New</a> Haven Restaurants - Southern New England - Chowhound</p>

<p>I would suggest trying the New Haven Meatball House... a new place on Chapel/Park... just opened last week! They even do adult versions of ice cream floats! Very nice place... great service and the food is very good... especially if you want a quick place to grab a bite to eat! Casual is the name of the game...we did takeout but this spot is very nice inside! With a bar...203-772-3360. Not sure if they take reservations!</p>

<p>Also don't miss Pepe's pizza on Wooster St... you may have to wait on line but well worth it! A few doors down is Abates which is a pizza/italian joint that is also a nice spot to get your grub on! I doubt that these places take reservations... </p>

<p>A MUST VISIT is Bella's Cafe for breakfast/brunch... a great little place on Whalley Ave towards the Westville section of New Haven... you will not be sorry at this place.. try to get there early as you will undoubtedly(sp?) have a wait... amazing food! 203-387-7107</p>

<p>Sugar.. which is a cupcake joint just over the Q bridge in East Haven, a 10 minutes or less drive from campus(behind TJMAXX) won Food Networks CUPCAKE WARS a few years ago... great cupcakes! Death by Chocolate, Lemon Drop, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cannoli, the Elvis, Love Monkey,peanut butter cup, red velvet... the list goes on and on... they are closed on Sundays...203-469-0815.. a great place, family run/ owned and never disappoints!</p>

<p>donnaleighg and NewHavenCTmom: Wow, thanks for all these suggestions! I am having fun researching all these great options. I'm also wondering if either of you can suggest a good Italian place for dinner not too far from campus. We will be there a couple of nights and would like to do Italian one night. (Ideally looking for something on a level somewhere between L'Orcio/Basta and the New Haven Meatball House)</p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>

<p>we actually haven't eaten Italian yet, so I have no suggestions there. But Oaxaca was great! I definitely recommend the freshly made guacamole. And my bistec parilla was delicious.</p>

<p>My favorites, all inexpensive to mid range, not fancy:</p>

<p>Cheese lovers:
Caseus</a> Fromagerie & Bistro - New Haven, CT</p>

<p>Peruvian arepas:
Ay</a> Salsa</p>

<p>Eggs benedict: The Pantry
Cuban: Soul de Cuba</p>

<p>Thanks again everybody, including those who messaged me!</p>