Fancy Toast

Nothing like the smell of warm toast popping out of the toaster! :slight_smile:

I’ve become a fan of toast creations the last couple of months. One of the most perfect toast creations is very simple: toast, light slather of unsalted butter, mashed avocado, sprinkle of Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel seasoning. Delicious.

This morning I made another winner:
One slice toasted Dave’s Killer Bread (a whole grain bread with lots of crunchies in it)
Light slather of unsalted butter.

Slather of almond butter
Sliced fresh peach.
Unsweetened coconut (King Arthur has nice large “flakes”)
Sliced raw almonds
Drizzle of honey
Fresh herbs (I used a little parsley and cilantro)

OMG so good! Very filling. Takes 5 minutes to make. Good for ANY meal!

Share you favorite fancy toast. :slight_smile:

I love toast which is why I only have it on rare occasions. When I was in high school my sister and I would come home starved and go through a loaf of cheap white bread toasted with margarine.
My version of avocado toast is similar to @abasket. I use Ezekiel bread toasted with salted butter (I love salted butter) mashed avocado topped with a sliced hard boiled egg, sliced radish and sprinkled with TJ anything bagel seasoning. It is delicious. A local coffee shop sells something similar for $11. Much cheaper to make at home. The radish gives it a bit of crunch.

A good whole grain toast with a drizzle of OO, then mashed avocado and topped with either a squeeze of fresh lemon and/or rind zest is a known elegant and healthy treat. It’s all over some of the great cooking mags.

I like Ezekiel low sodium bread, the right crunch and lately, despite being a salt lover, I often prefer the taste of lower or no sodium. (I shoud add, lemon replaces the salt zing, for me. On all sorts of dishes.)

WORLD of nutritional difference between white bread and Ezekiel and other nutrient rich breads!

Once you “load” your toast with fruit or veggies and herbs, etc. one slice is enough to satisfy!

Ezekiel is OK, but nothing compares to freshly baked bread from a local bakery. Our Whole Foods has a great selection too. I eat them every morning with good cheese, a generous bunch of mixed salad and occasionally sprouts on top. Or plain goat cheese and good jam.

I find the Dave’s a little more heartier than Ezekiel - like them both. And of course love bakery bread. Point being, bread isn’t all evil and in controlled quantities, enjoyed. I feel like the bread is the base of a good fancy toast, but also the toppings can really take it to the next level. :slight_smile:

If I wasn’t married and had to cook at least several times a week, I would live on toast. But, I lreally only like one kind - rye w/seeds and I’m content to just have it with cream cheese. My supermarket makes their own bread - all different kinds, right in the store.

I loved toasted rye with seeds toasted with peanut butter or almond butter.

I like a nice hearty whole wheat slice, with mashed avocado lightly sprinkled with salt and a scrambled egg on top. I had this at a local restaurant and started making it at home. I made avocado toast prior to that but never thought to add the egg. I’m sure it’s meant to be a fried egg but I don’t care for fried eggs so I do it with scrambled.

I was watching a cooking show recently where it was mentioned that most restaurants (as well as people at home) use way too much avocado which turns a heathy meal into too many fat/calories. He said he had to scrape half the avocado off and said to be mindful how much avocado equals one serving of healthy fat.

@abasket wow, that was on ONE piece of toast?? It sounds amazing, btw.

Does cinnamon toast count as fancy? :slight_smile:

It absolutely does, doschicos

@doschicos , done with great bread and a good cinnamon/sugar blend, YES. (but how about throw a piece of bacon on that sweetness to take it up a level?!)

I’d skip the bread and then just make candied bacon. Some things are just better in a more simple form. But that belongs on the fancy bacon thread not the fancy toast thread. :slight_smile:

Or skip the sugar and cinnamon and just add mayo, good summer tomatoes, some basil, sea salt, and some freshly cracked pepper to the bacon and bread. When does fancy toast become a sandwich, open-faced or closed?

I love good bread. I’d rather have bread than sweets or ice cream. Just give me unsweetened butter, good jam, or cream cheese.

Fancy toast by my definition is open faced, one slice. If you want to doll up two slices then you should do them differently (cause the sky is the limit in fancy toast) and then that’s called “TFT” - Two Fancy Toasts. :slight_smile:

I’m embarrassed to ask this question, but do you eat fancy toast by holding it and taking a bite? Or do you knife and fork it?

Or tartine, or smørrebrød.

I love toast, so I do limit my access. And i think if you can’t pick it up and eat it, then it’s not toast. Alton Brown’s original TV show introduced me to avocado toast…topped with a row of tiny sardines and a big squeeze of lemon. Yum… my college fast breakfast was toast with butter and peanut butter. Warm, salty and gooey!

I agree that if you can’t pick it up it’s not toast, but some of the fancy toasts described sound like they would be awfully hard to pick up and eat.