Fancy Toast

Do you all cut a whole avocado every time you want it on toast or use those single serve packets that Costco sells? I love avocado but don’t use much and end up wasting it.

The single serve guacamole portions at Costco are great. They freeze. Just thaw and stir.

I did eat my peach fancy toast this morning in hand. But I torn off a section at a time and ate it in hand.

For avocado, I usually take a medium sized one (medium sized in a Midwest grocery store) and cut it in half - use half and immediately wrap the other half - with pit- in foil and refrigerate. I will use the other half the next day on toast or something else. If you immediately wrap it in foil it keeps 90% of its color.

Also, you could rub the cut half with a little lemon, lime juice or a little olive oil, keep the pit in as suggested above. It’ll keep in the fridge and no unnecessary store packaging.

I cut it and leave the pit in the other half. I wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate. I never heard of wrapping in foil and I used to have a small avocado orchard. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods also sell some small avocados that are about a one person size. Even if the exposed edge browns a little you can just cut that off and it will be green underneath. I don’t care for the flavor of the premade guacamole packs. I will on occasion but premade guacamole if it was made onsite in the store. If you have a lot of ripe avocados you can mash them and mix with some lemon juice and freeze.

^Do you need to mash them? Can they be sliced and topped with lemon juice and frozen?

Trader Joes has been selling small Haas avocados that are perfect for a single serving. I buy a bag on Saturday mornings and by Monday or Tuesday they’re usually getting ripe enough to eat. I toss one whole into my lunch bag and then “open” it at work to spread on my sandwich.

Single serving guac packages are convenient but nothing beats a perfectly ripe fresh avocado.

My favorite fancy toast, as well as my go-to lunch sandwich, is avocado with red pepper hummus (Sabra brand). Tastes especially great on a good seeded loaf.

I had no idea that avocado toast was a thing until D made some for herself when she was here at Christmas. When we visited her in Seattle last month, it was on every menu, so I ordered it (w/some kind of sprouts and toasted pumpkin seeds). Oh my gosh! Where has this been all my life?? And why isn’t it on Sacramento menus?

What a coincidence, I just had one of my favorite toasts, pa amb tomàqet (Catalan) or pan con tomate (Spanish). Toast a piece of bread, or grill it. Rub with a clove of cut garlic. Then rub with half a tomato, so all the tomatoeyness gets on the bread. Then pour on some olive oil, and finish with salt. Yum.

Now we’re talking! Some good toast concoctions above!

I’m sure the foil is similar to plastic wrap - I once read foil so that’s what I went with.

Thumbs up to the smaller Trader Joe’s Avocados - yes perfect size.

There’s always the classic - avocado, poached egg, slice of tomato, fresh herbs, sea salt and pepper. Making me hungry!

I can polish off a large Costco avocado in one sitting… no problem, and no toast needed. :slight_smile:

I like the blue cheese/apple/honey toast from this link (and am interested in a few others):

My girls love avocados so I never have to worry about part of one going to waste. If I make toast and use half for breakfast, the other half either goes on a sandwich or salad at lunchtime. I love guacamole but to me, that’s totally different than plain ripe avocado. I don’t care for guac on toast and I’ve never found a store bought guac that is as good as homemade. By that I mean the pre-packaged stuff that can sit in a fridge with preservatives. I’ve bought freshly made from the store that has to be eaten right away. I do buy pre-made guac if we are having Mexican food for dinner and I don’t have any ripe avocados.

Question about toast…do you let it cool in the toaster before putting it on a plate? I can’t stand when toast gets moist on the bottom when put on a plate, from the heat/steam that occurs when it’s put on a plate. Not a big deal when making avocado toast b/c I let it cool first but if making toast with butter, either the butter needs to be soft and put on cooled toast (left in toaster to cool) or the bread needs to be warm so the butter melts, but if warm and put on plate then it gets moist on the bottom. Ah, first world problems. Am I the only weirdo that thinks about this? In fact, I rarely eat buttered toast but I do toast my bread when making a sandwich so I let it cool before putting on a plate.

“if making toast with butter, either the butter needs to be soft and put on cooled toast (left in toaster to cool) or the bread needs to be warm so the butter melts, but if warm and put on plate then it gets moist on the bottom. Ah, first world problems”

Putting it on a clean kitchen towel or cake rack type thingie helps with this. Like you, I like the butter to melt on the warm toast but don’t like the sweaty bottom.

This is how you elevate cinnamon toast. After toasting, butter the bread, sprinkle on cinnamon and then drizzle honey on top. Increase the decadence by increasing the amount of honey you drizzle on top (taking it from a snack to a dessert). This is amazing.

Going to copycat this fancy toast I saw on Instagram from a favorite bakery/cafe

Cream cheese, garlic, herbs mixed and spread on toast
Thin sliced cooked beets.
Top with fresh herbs

A little crumbled bacon wouldn’t hurt either!

Just returned to CC after an 8 year hiatus, really since last kid was launched. Am helping a friend research for her kid. This thread reminded me of why I love CC!
Toasted sourdough with chèvre and strawberries. Add pinenuts? Or balsamic.

I had a nicely toasted piece of sourdough bread with Humboldt Fog goat cheese, salmon, shallots and fresh dill. It was perfection!

My husband (raised by a Scots Father) always uses a toast rack to cool his toast so there is no moisture on it.

There is this evil restaurant called Cocobeet in Wellesley, Massachusetts and they make the best avocado toast I have ever eaten. They start with a whole-grain bread, spread with a thin layer of some kind of vegan nut jalapeno butter, then some avocado mashed with lemon juice. Then they sprinkle it with toasted almonds, red pepper flakes, cherry tomatoes, and arugula. Like everything else in that restaurant, it costs a fortune for what it is, but that toast is a complete meal and it is delicious!

I have managed to recreate it at home, minus their proprietary nut “cheese.”