FAU, NovaSoutheastern or Saint Leo?

Which one would be your choice for an OOS student that does not have a particular career in mind yet? Probably will go toward a communication degree. Already admitted to all three schools. Love the size of Saint Leo but now afraid it’s in the middle of nowhere. Haven’t seen any of these yet. Wanted to be on the coast, USF was too big and sibling goes to UMiami so took that out of the running.

Check out USF St Petersburg campus. Same Degree, smaller campus downtown St Pete on the Bay
Not familiar with St Leo but between FAU and Nova both campuses look like corporate parks FAU has football on campus if that is a consideration and more of the traditional college experience. However both have lots of commuters FAU more than Nova. Nova being private you can expect smaller class sizes and USNWR ranks Nova above FAU I would go with Nova over FAU

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