Favorite Threads and Posts!

We have a thread tracking all the most annoying posts… but I’d like to find the opposite. What are your favorite posts out there right now?


Or this one which is actually better!


I like the attitude of the young woman whose parents said they would pay for a certain Ivy if she was admitted but can’t go because they made an error on the NPC and it’s just not affordable. She’s disappointed, of course, and hopes they can work something out, but is looking more deeply into other affordable acceptances. She’s making the best of a very unfortunate situation.

What about the meta thread. That is a huge classic. I miss @violadad

Also…best thread for all to read…the thread by Andi about Andison.

@suzy100, that’s okay-- what was it?

Starting the meta-thread stands as my most proud achievement in my life. Too bad I’m not applying to college–it would be my showcase EC! :smiley:



I like the bragging thread! It’s fun to see happiness.

Favorite is colleges with merit and colleges under 25:30k threads!

I enjoy the threads following TV shows that I watch(ed) like The Voice, Project Runway, and American Idol. I live alone and no one at work watches these shows, so I have no one to “discuss” them with, except the few times my D was forced to watch with me. :slight_smile:

I enjoy the threads from earnest HS kids who are struggling to understand the college process. Maybe they are first generation in their family to apply to college, or they don’t have family/school counselor support.

When I read all the posts from experienced cc posters, I am excited that strangers will take time and effort to educate others.

Not all advice is heeded, but the willingness of so many people to reach out and offer help is an encouragement to me.