February 14th admits and statistics (Class of 2024)

So there will be a new wave of admits tomorrow afternoon. According to the UGA Admissions blog, there will be 1700 admission decisions released. If you are admitted during this wave, please post your stats below!

Just checked the portal - no email yet. My DD was accepted! She is in state, 99.95 GPA (not sure about UGA’s weighted GPA), 1360 SAT/30 ACT.

@SavMom9801 Congrats!

@SavMom9801 Just wondering…how does the portal change? Does a link show up to click on? Or is it right there on the main application status page?

Daughter was just accepted, she is extremely excited. We are from Virginia and just visited the campus this past weekend. 3.94 UW/4.18 W GPA and 33 composite ACT. There was a status update message at the top of her portal page with a note about a new update being added today and a link to click.

Just noticed the email - accepted!

SAT: 1440
GPA: 4.0 UW/ 4.7 W

Thanks kittycat - I noticed the right side of the portal where is said decision status. It said “decided” and there was a status update with a link to view it at the top.

@SavMom9801 Ok thanks…small wave today so hopefully will hear good news in March. Fingers crossed!

UGA GPA : 4.13
ACT : 28 composite // 30 english, 25 math
Oos student

It’s so weird - we never received an email from UGA, but the portal says that she is accepted.

Just noticed the email - accepted!

SAT: 1450
GPA: 3.67 UW/ 3.93 W
OOS student

D accepted w/ Classic Scholarship
OOS, 1430 SAT, 4.4/4.4 WEIGHTED GPA
2 sport captain, 6 AP courses, Catechism teacher
Chemistry major

Congratulations new Dawgs!

Daughter Admitted

OOS (Virginia), 1320 SAT, 4.5 Weighted GPA
Major: Business

Congrats! I guess you will have to leave the VT site now LOL. Will your daughter attend UGA? My son was deferred EA. Not sure he will make it as his SAT is higher than your daughters but GPA is lower.

My daughter has not visisted UGA - so she is still in the undecided column (and of course still waiting on VT acceptance next week).

VT site :slight_smile: of course I’m there … no matter her decision my son is a very happy VT freshman (not to mention my wife got her masters there).

Let us know if you hear about an earlier release of decisions this week

VT never hints until day of … last few years on Twitter about mid-day on the day of release the Hokie bird will usually say something like “looking forward to all the new faces”. There are some discussions on the VT board.

SAT: 1290
GPA: 94 UW/98W (My school doesn’t do 4.0 scale)

Honestly, I thought my stats were too low by EA standards, which is why I applied to regular, but I guess a low SAT score doesn’t matter with a decent GPA. I also got all As from my first semester of dual enrollment which probably helped.

Congratulations to all on your acceptances…Our daughter is an OOS Freshman from the Northeast and has absolutely loved UGA. Great academics and Athens is awesome.

@kccb30 - David Graves from UGA Admissions has reinforced the emphasis they put on course rigor & GPA over test scores in a few of his admissions blogs (which are excellent BTW), asserting that they judge what a student does every day in challenging courses is a better indicator of success in college than how they perform in a 3 hour test.

Best of luck to all on your decision processes!

My Daughter is In-state. We were very nervous about her decision, but expectant! Not the best qualifications, but a strong student, with service oriented extra curriculars and a part time job also. One essay was about losing her brother last year and learning to live and love better from that experience. She’s doing amazing! I truly believe they’re looking for well- rounded people(not just students) with good character and a desire to learn and better themselves.

This was her reach school! And the decision came on the anniversary of her brother’s passing… best Valentine’s day gift! She worked hard for it and she deserved it!

ACT: 31; 34 English, 27 Math
GPA: 3.8 UW/4.0 W
6 AP