Feedback requested

<p>Any thoughts on this school? My son is just starting to look at schools, and we like the curriculum for Information Science and Technology (networking). Mercer is serving as a comparison to some big state and technical schools. I don't know if a small school like Mercer can compete with say RIT or George Mason in terms of co-ops and facilities, but I do at least want him to explore the small school feel. We're from Virginia, so also interested in how much the campus empties out over the weekend. He would also be eligible to apply for Tuition Exchange, so probably a very reasonably priced school for us (not guaranteed, but a good chance).</p>

<p>My daughter is a Stamps Scholar at Mercer & loves it! They have lots of weekend activities & awesome sports teams!!</p>

<p>We recently visited and our observation on a Friday night was that it felt like a suitcase school. It does seem that the athletes were present but as we waited to pick up our daughter we saw almost no students and she concurred with our evaluation. Nice small school though and I think the athletes hang together.</p>