Feeling out of place at college

I’m currently in orientation and I really don’t like it here. Freshman are put into groups of about ten with an older student. We constantly have these stupid meetings, where we sit on the floor in an elementary school circle. In our first meeting, we had to introduce ourselves. When ever we have to introduce ourselves to anyone, we have to say our pronouns, which is really stupid. Another meeting we were given these identity wheels or what ever they are called and we had to check our privilege. During this meeting, white male students were constantly belittled about our non existent privilege. Then we had to go to an information session. At this information session, we were belittled again and false rape and wage statistics were thrown at us. I’m worried that I’ll have to deal with this all four years. The older students who help out at orientation treat us like little kids. Does anyone have any advice? And will things get better?

“During this meeting, white male students were constantly belittled about our non existent privilege”

That’s confusing. How can you be belittled over something that’s non-existent?

They belittled us because they think we’ve had a very easy life even though we haven’t.

Where on earth are you going to school?

Its a small liberal arts college in the north east.

New poster… no way to judge this based on past posts. I can make a guess at a few schools where this could be part of orientation. You will be done with orientation in a few days, so will be past these activities. And you might want to reflect on your discomfort and annoyance with this. I am guessing you use a commonly used pronoun to describe yourself, and I have to say that those who are privileged due to their race rarely notice that it is the case. Doubt they are saying you have had an easy life, but they are probably trying to point out that you take for granted the ease your skin color or pronoun preference gives you in many situations where others can’t have that same ease. You may adapt to this environment, or you may not.

You’re only 18. Is it possible they know more than you?

I’m worried that people will judge me without getting to know me and not wanting to be friends with me when they see that I am a white male. Do you think that this will happen? I’m also concerned that this will be taught in the class room. ( I’m doing my best to take classes where there will be as little political bias as possible.) And I also don’t know what to do about the older students ( many of them sophomores) treating us like children.

Being a white man sounds really hard. You have my sympathies.

But seriously – orientations make everyone uncomfortable for one reason or another. I had to do an “eye contact” activity for half an hour that made me want to crawl into a hole. You just move on. Your college experience is not gonna be an extended orientation.

So in other words, you’re worried that you might get discriminated against for the first time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Relax. You still run the world.

How do you think they got their name (“Sophomore”)?

I’ve heard from older students that this continues throughout the whole four years.


Actually, it’s the black males that run the world.

While also being unarmed victims of police violence? That’s quite an accomplishment.

Anyway, I’m surprised you seem to have chosen a very liberal school as someone who does not sound liberal at all. Did you not visit? Or research?


How is your question relevant? I stated that they were sophomores to show that they think the freshmen are children even though there is only an one year age difference.

Maybe you didn’t know that “Sophomore” means “wise fool”. Only one year age difference. Could it be that they know more than you and less than others?




He was armed with his fists. And he shouldn’t have stolen ciggarettes. But your’e getting off topic and trying to start a debate.

I knew it was going to be be liberal. I consider my self to be a liberal. I didn’t expect it to be this extreme. I visited and did research.

He who? There are over 200 people you could be talking about this year alone. :wink:

No debate – indicated by the “anyway” and change of topic. You don’t have too many options…either a) drop out before you take any classes, preserving your freshman status for applying elsewhere; b) stick it out for four years; or c) transfer.


But that doesn’t mean they have to treat us like we’re in kindergarden.