Feelings for RA

<p>Since the moment I moved into my dorm in September I have really really liked my RA who just so happens to live right across the hall from me. I am totally aware that he is not allowed to date people on his floor, I am just having a really hard time getting over him eventhough I know I have no chance whatsoever. We just have so much in common and we get a long really well. We are both from the Bay Area in CA, he is a SF Giants fan, which is like my obsession, and we have the same taste in music. Plus, his major is very close to the one I am considering. I want to get over him and move on, but it is just so hard to do that when I see him everyday. I can't seem to help my feelings. Any Advice?</p>

<p>Find a distraction.</p>

<p>You are literally on the down side of that power dynamic with much to lose and little to gain. Find someone else</p>

<p>focus on his negative qualities.</p>

<p>I've been there-- liking someone who you know is off limits. It's hard! But as welshie said, try to find a distraction. Someone else will come along</p>

<p>I think I am in the process of getting over my RA. He was gone for the entire weekend so I didn't have to see him constantly for 3 days which was good. He came back and we talked a little bit but then he left again and I havent seen him again. I am hoping that by not seeing him so much that I will get over him. He is still hott, but I will eventually find someone else. I think I liked him out of convenience.</p>