Film Applicants

<p>I applied for the Production major and I'm anxiously awaiting the decision! Anyone else going for the film school?</p>

<p>yeah, i applied to film production and I'm still waiting.</p>

<p>Good luck! Just curious, what are your stats?</p>

<p>i applied, too. </p>


<p>btw. i don't know much about LMU's film school. anybody willing to share? (like rank, equipment, etc)</p>

<p>It's definitely not as cut-throat as USC or UCLA...more personal, good equipment, it's a very pretty building with couches and screens showing student films in the front. The people are very sweet and even though the tour guides weren't avaliable, they got a graduate student to give me a quick look. It had a small, cozy feel but wasn't was a good size. I remember a set room with a green screen, an editing room, and a screen flashing connections in LA like "Wanted: Editor" or "Extra". I liked it a lot.</p>

<p>I hate this wait beyond belief.</p>

<p>I just found out they mail the film kids last. Great.</p>

<p>oh film students are last?????</p>

<p>dammit. =(. where'd u find that out?</p>

<p>I called the admissions office. They told me to sit tight and hopefully I'd get it before April 15th. Blech.</p>

<p>Kudos, this waiting has gotten ridiculous. Having been turned down by Chapman, I very much hope to attend LMU and study film...let's just pick up the pace with the letters though.</p>

<p>BTW, as this is a film oriented forum, can anyone explain how good the interning opportunies are in terms of Hollywood, job placement after graduation, and how it measures up to the top dogs (USC, NYU, Chapman, FSU)

<p>They mail film applicants lasttt???
They should have told us earlier.
I thought I was rejected the whole time.
I submitted my app. around mid-Dec. and still nothing.
Have there been any accepted film apps yet?
Or any rejections in general?</p>

<p>April 15th? That is a good one. April 13th is their campus visit day!</p>


<p>LMU has great connections. The writer of Mystic River & L.A. Confidential attended, as well as the director of I Am Legend. L.A. is MUCH better for connections than FSU in my opinion, even though FSU's film school is top notch. LMU film is easier than the big schools, but the same opportunities exist.</p>

<p>It is ridiculous. The admissions office said the competition was high this year for film...I didn't get into Chapman either. It's not a hard school to get into, but film majors have it rough.</p>


<p>well hopefully LMU is easier to get into than chapman?</p>

<p>i was rejected from chapman film as well, but that was bcz of space limtiations. i got a call from the admissions office saying that i would've been accepted if there was enuf space... so then i was accepted to my second choice major instead, digital arts.</p>

<p>geezes. LMU has NO reason to be so slow, esp if all the other private schools who get more aps are already done... blahhh.</p>

<p>Sorry it took me so long to respond, i have been living on the usc forums for a while but i have given up hope since i haven't heard anything from them. Anyway my stats are</p>

<pre><code>* SAT: 1950
* ACT: n/a
* SAT IIs: Chem 740, m2 690, U.S. Hist 720
* GPA : 3.6 (uw)
* Rank: 9/54
* Other stats: 5 APs, most others Honors


<pre><code>* Essays: very good, unique, personal and expressive
* Teacher Recs: 2 teacher recs, did not see, but apparently excellent
* Counselor Rec: same as above


<pre><code>* State or Country: CA
* School Type: small parochial school

  • Gender: Male </code></pre>

<p>hopefully LMU does not pull a USC...</p>

<p>I feel bad for everyone waiting. I was accepted into the film program back before Christmas, but haven't really heard anything from them since. I really loved the campus, but no one ever seems to know anything about the quality/reputation of LMU's film program. I always hear about USC, Chapman, NYU, etc., but I can never find info on LMU's overall strength as a school.</p>

<p>Anyone care to point me in the right direction?</p>

<p>Good luck everyone!</p>

<p>The film program is the strong point of the school. All of the other schools at LMU are so-so, mediocre or bad. So I've heard, could be wrong. The academics look solid.</p>

<p>You have great stats, zacriemaster! I'm sure you'll get in.</p>

<p>Thank you, hopefully I'll see you there!</p>

<p>To any other film applicants: As has been mentioned on this board, film school prospects are notified of admission status last- does anyone know how this translates in terms of being last in a first come, first serve situation, or does being notified last imply that we have a good chance at being admitted?</p>

<p>Thanks, guys, and good luck!</p>

<p>I'm not sure, really. I think they have waves of acceptances/rejections and it depends when you send it in, in terms of what wave you'll be in. That's how most schools do it.</p>

<p>well, still waiting for LMU. Looks like their taking lessons from USC in making people wait. I feel really bad because none of my top schools (LMU, USC, and Chapman) have sent me anything. Hopefully this waiting will be over soon.</p>