Film/Theatre double majors

<p>Hi all,
So I recently got into film production/editing and am currently loving it. But, I've only done theatre related things all my life. Plus, I don't have much a portfolio quite yet as I've only discovered this three months or so ago. Where are colleges that have film programs and theatre programs? Which ones will allow me to double major as both seem like demanding arts programs? I've looked at Temple, which has both great Theatre and Film. I'm looking into Boston U, Chapman, but I'm not sure if Chapman would let me double major since it would be in the same department. Plus, Chapman is super far away for me. My grades are okay, but I go to a college prep school; so it might weight more so. I'm taking Adv Bio (basically like a college course and equivlanet to AP), US History (which is tech AP, but we dont call it at our school), PreCal,English 11 (equivlanet to an honors class in public), Drama, and Mandarin 5. I dont nesscarily test well on standardized testing and am currently waiting for the SAT scores to come back. </p>

<p>hi, you seem to know something i don’t. film program at Temple? please tell me more. Thanks! </p>

<p>I don’t know much. But I know it’s pretty well recongized at least in the tri-state area. I’ve been college searching like crazy since now I think I want to do Film/Acting or MT double major. </p>