FinAid (...aka money makes the world go round)

<p>Hi everyone :)</p>

<p>I am a prospective student at the CAS and I'm just wondering how much FinAid Cornell gave on average in past years. I'd say that my family is a mid-class family with annual salary of 70-80k. I was really disappointed by my Chicago finaid so I want to get a good idea this time before getting overly excited about being accepted to Cornell.</p>


<p>If you're family makes $75,000 or less you'll have no loans after your parent and student contributions are calculated.</p>

<p>For instance here is my 2007-2008 package/family info...I apologize for the length!</p>

<h1>in family: 5</h1>

<h1>siblings in school: 1 (so 2 kids total)</h1>

<p>Family income: ~$114,000 (based on 2006 taxes)
My income: ~$1,500 (based on summer 2006 earnings)</p>

<p>Estimate of costs (as calculated by CU):
Tuition: $19,291
Room/Board: $11,240
Books: $720
Personal expenses: $1,494
TOTAL: $32,745</p>

<p>Estimate of Resources (calculated by CU):
Parent Contribution: $9,600
Summer Savings Expectation: $3,090
Student Assests: 0
Other Resources: 0</p>

<p>NET NEED: $20,055</p>

<p>Scholarship/Grant Aid:
Cornell Grant: $6,921
Outside Scholarship: $4,900
Leonard J. Jackson Mem. Scholarship: $915
Myron M. Fuerst Scholarship: $2,000
NYS TAP: $250</p>


Citiassist (private..bad!!) Loan: $12,900
William D. Ford Federal Subsidized Loan: $3,480
Federal Work Study: $1,125</p>

<p>TOTAL LOANS: $17,505</p>