Final decision approaching-- need help (Willamette vs. Kenyon vs. Oberlin)

The deadline for decisions is approaching. My current options right now are Oberlin, Willamette and Kenyon. I’ve been to all of them, and the decision is very difficult. I think I want to major in some form of creative writing, but at the same time I realize that plans change and I want to keep my options open. With that in mind, I recognize that Oberlin would be the best choice in this scenario. At the same time, in my gut Willamette felt like the place where I would feel the most comfortable in terms of the community. I’m at a loss as to what I should do-- advice?

What qualities attract you to Willamette ? Did you consider Lewis & Clark ?

I don’t know Willamette at all. My advice to most people is to go where you will be happy. Community is a big part of what makes students happy, although you do also need to be able to keep yourself challenged academically. Does Willamette have any sort of creative writing program?

I think Oberlin is the best choice for you. Oberlin has better reputation. It’s strong in creative writing, politics, environmental studies, and also other science fields, which means you will gain a top notch education no matter what you chose to major at the end. Besides, Oberlin is very selective among these three, so Obies generally have higher level academic ability.

Oberlin is also a great and thriving community for you to fit into Oberlin. Oberlin respect every individual in the community, which includes your preferred pronouns, your sexuality orientation, and your rights to participate into the Oberlin community construction to make Oberlin a better place. Oberlin has gorgeous residential education, many dorms are so unique and meaningful for students. Like the French House, Environmental Sustainability Hall, Asia House, Science-fiction hall, the third world house( which specially built for LGBTQ group and students of color). In addition to those amazing residential experience, Oberlin owns one of the top five college art museum in the nation, and students are allowed to rent artwork with only five dollars. In the academic front, there are many excellent professors in Oberlin Community. 78% of Oberlin’s classes are
below twenty students, which means you will be able to communicate with professors easily and to explore in your interested field through Oberlin’s abundant research and Internship opportunities. That’s Oberlin Community, and I believe you can also thrive in it.

Oberlin. Fantastic place. A real gem.

My personal opinion is attend where you feel most comfortable. My son narrowed his choices down to Kenyon and Oberlin. It was a difficult choice for him almost a coin flip. We are from the west coast so our family flew out to both schools. Son spend several days at each college sitting in on classes, overnight in the dorms, touring both Colleges, getting to meet several students. One of the nights at Oberlin he attended a performance by a visiting musical performer that included students from the conservatory of music. He really enjoyed that experience. My son is conservative in thought and dress, he wears a collared polo shirt to High School everyday, however he felt Oberlin was a better fit for him? He will attend Oberlin in the Fall.

What did you choose? My daughter is a current sophomore at Oberlin and majoring in creative writing. It’s a competitive program but very strong. She has really loved the professors and made some great connections. There is also a lot of synergy between film and creative writing at Oberlin and several classes count for both majors.