Financial Aid at Columbia College Chicago?

<p>We visited last summer with Happykid (a potential transfer applicant) and she just fell in love. One thing that really struck me at the presentation after the tour, was the big emphasis on hunting around to find external scholarships to help fund your education there. Our group arrived a bit late, so we missed the introduction, but I got the sense that what we were being told was "There's no money here, so you've got to find it somewhere else". </p>

<p>Can anyone with experience advise me on this one? Today I ran the financial calculator at CCC's website, and other than a Stafford Loan, no aid was suggested. Looking at the scholarships listed on the website, it would appear that Happykid would be qualified for the Phi Theta Kappa scholarship, but there is no indication whether or not that is automatic for PTK members, or if only a limited number of those scholarships are awarded. Even she were awarded the PTK scholarship, it looks like that would be it for aid.</p>

<p>She loved, loved, loved CCC, but it looks like there is no way possible that it would be within our price range. Any suggestions?</p>