Financial Aid from Siena vs other schools

<p>Wondering if anyone else has found that Siena's financial aid package (grants, scholarships, loans) is much more generous that other schools. I'm starting to think by how little we are getting from other schools in comparison, that maybe I'm not understanding Siena's!</p>

<p>Hi, My daughter goes to Siena and I found their financial package one of the best out there. Now my son is considering Siena as well. His number one is Marist but I know that Marist will not be able to come close to the financial package from Siena</p>

<p>Thank you for that little tidbit. I am taking my son to visit Siena on Sunday.</p>

<p>University of Scranton gave more aid than Siena although final direct cost ended up about 1500 more than Siena. Best aid was from University Of Philadelpdia and direct cost is same as Siena ended up being 4000 less than Siena to attend. Drexel was worst and most expensive.</p>

<p>For our family, Scranton ran about $12,000 more than Siena.</p>

<p>I am curious....does anyone know how much Presidential Scholars at Siena are awarded annually? Thanks</p>

<p>I have a friend who got $11,000 last year, turned it down for another school in the South that offered 20k in merit at about same level of tuition. Not sure if she asked Siena for more. I think she wanted to go there, but didn't get enough merit aid. I think she was about a 93-94 student, 2000 ish SAT. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Very disappointed in Marist as they gave $0.00 in merit aid (and parent is an alumni) while Siena gave $20,000 in merit aid. Marist and Siena have similar tuition costs. Scranton gave $16,000 in merit aid but their tuition was $7,000 more than Siena.</p>

<p>My D got accepted to Siena and was offered the Presidential Scholarship. Although no amount was discussed, I did ask Financial Aid what the lowest amount of the award was and she told me $15K. Good starting point. They will include the final amount on the financial aid letter sent in March.</p>