Financial aid from year to year

Does anyone know how much boarding school financial aid changes from year to year? I’m asking because I know if I get anything for my freshman year (in theory) I won’t need as much as I will my sophomore year. For my sophomore year, both of my twin sisters will be starting their first year of undergrad college meaning that boarding school would be on the bottom of our list of things to pay for. Anyway just wondering if that would be a drastic change and substantial enough to warrant more aid. Sorry if that was a little confusing.

You reapply for aid each year. The amount you get rarely changes, but in your case, it would most likely change.


Edit: I didn’t read the post enough so my post is kinda irrelevant but I agree with prepschool2021!

I think,(not 100% sure) schools take into the consideration siblings age, and undergrad college tuition is taken into consideration.

I just looked up the FA estimator for Hkiss since I’ve heard they’re the most in depth. If you leave everything the same each time, but change the amount of students in college, then the number will change significantly