Financial Aid impact on admission

Does anyone know whether financial aid impacts an admission decision? I only sent FAFSA and the CSS to umami and northwestern since those are in my top five. I’m a legacy at NU but love umiami. Will admissions see that I didn’t send the documents and think I don’t care about going to x school? I applied to Rhodes and they waited until decisions were released to tell me they don’t have a decision because I never sent financial aid materials. I got waitlisted at Denison, note that I didn’t send in financial aid. I realized I don’t want to attend a small school anymore so I am ok with it.

Please don’t criticize me for not sending in CSS to every single school I applied to. My parents only let me choose my top schools. I’m sorry we don’t have money to burn on college applications and sending CSS.

For need aware schools it can affect admissions because they’re telling you outright they can’t meet FA for all admitted students. It can also affect admissions if you need FA, tell them you need FA and don’t submit all the required documentation: schools probably won’t give an acceptance knowing you can’t afford to attend with out aid. At best they might waitlist you pending receipt of the outstanding information.

Hope you receive good news soon!

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Admissions probably won’t care about your financial aid applications.

But if a school requires the CSS Profile by a certain deadline, and you miss it…don’t expect to get a great need based financial aid package from that school.

If you don’t have complete financial aid application requirements submitted, the schools will expect you to be a full pay student.

Do you have affordable options on your application list?

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Thanks! I hope so too!

Yes, my cheapest option is FSU with in state tuition. Uiuc and Miami Ohio are $33 k which isn’t great compared to other offers. I can’t imagine getting a cost even close to that from NU or Miami if I get into those schools. Thanks for your input!

Do you have Bright Futures? That really is a terrific thing for FL residents. IIRC, there is money for private schools like U of Miami…

@twoinanddone can you elaborate.

No I live in Illinois unfortunately. What is iirc by the way?

IIRC…If I recall correctly…

Will the Florida schools be affordable for you?

FSU will definitely be affordable. Unless I get a scholarship and grants to get the costs below 40, then I doubt Miami is possible. On top of that, there’s plane costs