financial aid/loan help

<p>hi there i was wondering if somone could help me, i am currently a uk citizen looking to start a community college in california this fall. i wondered if anyone could recommend me a place to get a loan in america, i have tried banks an sallie mae but they all reuqire an co-signer an i dont actually know anyone in america who could co-sign for me, so is there any company that anyone knows of that could provide me with a loan without the need of a co-signer. thanks in advanced</p>

<p>which bank would be so stupid ? without a co-signer, what's to stop you from running off after your education is done ?</p>

<p>jay070 no bank will give you a loan without a co signer in the us. im an internatioonal student currently in the us and i had to get a co signer before i got a lone. besides that the interest rate is amazingly high at around 10.5%</p>