Financial Aid Notifications

I’ve seen that the schools say you’ll get your financial aid notification with admissions decisions, but does that mean at the exact time on M10? Or does it come with an official letter later on? In particular for Andover and Exeter. If my child should be admitted, will we know right on M10 what her financial aid package is? She wouldn’t be able to attend without significant aid so just trying to determine what to expect if she is admitted.

Some FA decisions are linked to online/portal admission notifications, some arrive later via mail, but all will come well in advance of the A10 decision date, so you will have ample time to compare offers and speak with FA offices as necessary.

We received all of the admission decisions and FA decisions at the exact same time (online) except for one school, which was Andover. We received the FA info in fedex package that arrived a few hours later on M10.
Note that for several schools we had to click through to a button saying something like “enrollment contract” to see the award.
I have not heard of any school holding off a matter of days on this info but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.
(Note we did not apply to Exeter last year so I don’t know specifically about them.)