Finding a community college

My aim is to complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I have decided to start with a good community college in California. Could you tell me which is the best community college and how you find the best community college

Most students go to a CC local to their home. You should check with that school for CS opportunities there and if there aren’t any, they could probably guide you to where there are.

Your HS guidance counselor, may or may not be able to help as well.

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I agree with @tsbna44 that most students will attend their local CC so they can commute to save money.

Where do you live?
What schools are you targeting for transfer?

Knowing which CS pre-req courses are required for transfer will help you select the better CC for your major.

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Are you OOS/International, such that you have no existing “home base” in California and are looking to move to the vicinity of your community college?

One possible approach is to consider where you hope to transfer to, and position yourself in that community - you can also take summer classes at the 4-year school when enrollment is open.

For example, look at Irvine Valley College, which has strong STEM programs and is close to UC Irvine. Santa Barbara City College students mix with UCSB students in Isla Vista and can even live in a few of the independently-run dorms there. De Anza College in Cupertino is a good local feeder for San Jose State. (Avoid SJCC, even though it’s the closest to SJSU and recruits international students aggressively. Other area CCC’s are much better run and have vastly better transfer advising.)

If you’re looking for a residential experience, there are a few CCC’s that have dorms: List of Community Colleges in California With Dorms | The Classroom

Be aware that if you’re a domestic OOS student, living in CA and attending community college will not establish residency for tuition purposes, unless you are over 24 and financially independent.


I am looking to transfer to UCLA

Then, choose one from this list UCLA Transfer Alliance Program | UCLA Undergraduate Admission You can’t use TAP to transfer into the engineering school, but it’s still better to be at one of these schools that has the relationship with UCLA, than not.


The list is long so not sure how to pick

Well, you’re not giving any more information about where you’re from, where you want to live, whether housing costs are a significant factor, etc. etc… so there’s no real way to help you narrow it down. Probably all of them offer the necessary prereqs, although you’ll want to make sure before you make a final decision.

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Are you local to any ? Or are you coming from another state or country? I assumed you are local.

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Santa Monica College has a good reputation with UCLA transfers. Check which CS courses they offer but if you are not within commutable range, then living near the college will be expensive.

Also, UCLA is a Reach school for most applicants so make sure you have several backup schools in mind.

2020 UC Transfer GPA admit range for CS at UCLA was 3.93-4.00.