First name typo on my I-20

<p>I just received my new I-20 from UCLA and I noticed there is a typo on my first name( 2 letters got switched). Well All of my records at UCLA show correct name and even the name on the I-20 envelope that they sent me was correct but not the I-20 itself. What can I do now :(? Will they be able to fix it easily?</p>

<p>Your options: Either contact UCLA (that's what I would recommend if you have enough time to do so) or apply for a visa using the I-20 with a typo.
I noticed the night before my visa interview that my I-20 was having a typo (one letter missing in my family name) and at that point it was obviously too late to fix it. I got my visa without any trouble, and now I hope that the immigration officer at the airport will not look too closely at it either.</p>

<p>You should ideally ask them to replace the I-20 before your interview , in the case you cant , you can still be issued your visa with the erroneous one and can replace it after you are done with your interview.</p>

<p>@Bar!um: I would seriously advise notifying your college and getting a new I-20 , a mistake on the i-20 means a mistake on your SEVIS record which is not something you want to have it.</p>

<p>Contact UCLA. It's no big deal, and can be easily corrected. Williams had to correct my I-20 twice and in both cases, they UPSed it.</p>

<p> I-20 with some errors in it isn't the best thing to have as a posession... especially when you have to go through so many immigration stuff...</p>

<p>Thanks guy. Well I already have my visa since I transferred from another US School. My old I-20 from another school showed correct name which means my name in SEVIS was correct, so I don't know why the new I-20 from UCLA has a typo.</p>