"First Year Experience" (FYE) class question

Drilling down on UAH’s schedules, I found that while most majors have this required class for 50 minutes (one day) each week, college of business majors have two days (each 50 minutes) of this class. Why do they have double? Is there so much more material to cover for business majors? (I would have guessed Engineering might be two, but no!) What if you change majors to a different college (Engineering to Business)? Can someone explain the differences between FYE classes?

In case someone sees this later, I asked this question on a visit and was told the Business students double up but their FYE is only half as long (half a semester).

Also, I found out that Honors students don’t take FYE 101. They take HON 101 instead. And this year, it sounds like Engineering students may take some sort of ENG 101 class in the fall and then FYE in the spring.