Fitting in as a transfer

<p>Wondering if any transfers, or any student for that matter, could give insight as to how they as transfers have fit in or how ppl have witnessed transfers fitting in. After reading that over 80% of UNC student are from NC was wondering if the school is a bunch of high school buddies ending up at the same school. </p>

<p>Im a transfer from the midwest and I transferred from my local community college to another one in a separate district. At the new cc it was a bunch of high school buddies continuing their education together and though i made friends it was still a struggle fitting in cause I was from somewhere totally different. </p>

<p>Do not want a replication of this negative experience when I go to UNC. I know every college says everyone fits in but 80% NC'ers is alot.</p>

<p>Hi! I'm transferring during the fall too, so I'd love to read the responses to this question :)
How's your transferring process going so far by the way? There's so much to do! I'm trying to register for classes now and still waiting for more financial aid :/</p>

<p>i thought we were suppose to wait for orientation to register for classes...and im behind u still havent submitted financial aid info</p>

<p>Well I already registered just in case, but I think they are helping us out during orientation. Which dorms are you guys looking into?</p>

<p>I'd register prior to orientation if you are able, a lot of stuff is already full for the fall from pre-registration from current students.</p>

<p>I'm a transfer as well and answered a similar question in my thread further down the list.. if you guys have any specific questions for me feel free to post them there and I'll be happy to answer 'em! :)</p>


<p>DO NOT wait until registration!!! Register NOW! I talked to an advisor yesterday and she told me that after June 1st freshmen will have priority registration so many classes will be gone for us transfers!! I already registered for 5 classes, and from time to time I'm checking to see if seats get open for certain times that I prefer or to swap classes, but at least I have something already.
Do it this week ASAP. Believe me, finding classes that can satisfy Approaches with some Connections in UNC's General Requirements can be challenging, the objective is taking the least amount of classes while satisfying as many requirements as possible. </p>

<p>I already submitted my financial aid info and got my financial aid package. But what I was saying was that I'm waiting for more financial aid, for a better offer since I have talked with some advisors who said they would review my case again and then get back to me (still waiting for them :/)</p>


<p>In my housing app I chose Kenan, Cobb and Manning West as my top 3. Havent seen them in person (just pictures) but I'm HOPING they are nice, whatever I get :)</p>

<p>I meant "DO NOT wait until Orientation" lol
Sorry, I get very euphoric sometimes</p>