FIU vs UA vs Missouri S&T

Hi everybody! So I got into a lot of colleges (about 37) and it’s been so hard picking. My major will be Computer Engineering and I am a transfer student. I got into Ohio State, ASU, NYIT, Harding, Liberty University, MSOE, Stony Brook University, Montana Tech, Colorado State, Washington State, Florida International University, Missouri S&T (Missouri University of Science and Technology), University of Arkansas, LeTourneau University, Florida Tech, and even LSU just to name a few. I am still waiting to hear from Iowa State and Drexel. I believe that I got a full ride to Montana Tech and almost a full ride to some of the other schools. I got some scholarships from MSOE, Florida Tech, and University of Arkansas though. I technically can go to any school but I am very interested in University of Alabama (roll tide!) especially since they are my favorite college football team (I won’t be playing football of course lol). UA is sadly extremely expensive (I am hoping to see if I can search for scholarships). It is a well known school especially for engineering. However, I am also interested in FIU (mainly for flexibility).

The thing with FIU is that I got into much harder and prestigious schools so I don’t want to feel like I am downgrading. I am also worried that since nobody really knows it how that would effect me in the job market. The graduates surprisingly got very good jobs and even went to good grad schools (one I saw went to Harvard). If not FIU then I am considering one of the other schools as backup. I would like to go where I won’t be in debt, good reputation, and will be able to get jobs. Some friends think that I am putting too much pressure on ranking and prestige.

I would love to hear input/tips especially if you went to or know someone who went to FIU, Bama, Missouri S&T, Liberty or Ohio State. If you did go to any of the schools…how was the experience? did you end up getting jobs? Would you do it all over again if you had the chance? Why? Why not? Thank you so much!

What is the net price (after subtracting scholarships and grants from list price) for each college, and how much can you afford before taking loans?

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Cross out Liberty for science (will not be taken seriously in many companies and work environments, especially for stem.)

Missouri S&T is excellent and reputable.

Itd be most useful if you could list the net price for TOSU, ASU, NYIT, MSOE, Stony Brook, Montana Tech, FIU, UArkUA.

How will you pay (loans? college fund?)

Are you a domestic applicant or are you international?

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I actually really love Liberty but yeah I had the same input as stated. I think if it wasn’t STEM I could get away with it. The good news is for my major they are ABET accredited. They gave me a ton of scholarships. I know that the name will hurt me in the engineering world but the skills learned at LU are still great. It’s definitely not my #1 pick though. In general I could maybe afford $2000-$4000 max out of pocket per semester for majority of the schools.

Yes! I was surprised when I got into S&T and I didn’t realized how reputable it was. For S&T I got some scholarships (pretty small). After the scholarships it comes down to $22,708.00 (as of now).

Academic Year 2021-2022
Estimated Total

University of Alabama
(no scholarships)
Academic Year 2021-2022
Estimated Total

I’m an out of state student though…When I registered for 2 classes not even the aid was enough to pay. It is about $1,155.00 per credit hour for me. 2 Classes were a little over $8,000 and full time would be $16,000+ which is pricy but still a good school. I plan on applying for scholarships if possible.

Liberty University
Estimated Total
Then of course financial aid and stuff.
Remaining $11,782 (before loans).

(not my #1 school either but its on the cheaper side of things)
Estimated Total

With Scholarship
Estimated Total

Montana Tech
I got a letter offering some sort of program or scholarship thing. I would pay 150% of the in-state rate. This would save over $50,000 in over 4 year’s compared to paying the full out of state tuition.

Estimated Total (without scholarship/program)
Estimated Total (with the program)

Estimated Total

Stony Brook
$22,314Room+other fee’s
Estimated Total

Estimated Total

Ohio State
(no scholarships but I should try and apply)
$13,352-Room and Board
Estimated Total

I stated them above in another question I think. Before loans I could afford about $2000-$4000 out of pocket. I really would like not to be in huge debt when I graduate preferably.

($3,000X2)+$5,500 loan= your budget ($11,000)
Add any money you can add part time from now till May, and full time in June and July (probably 4-5,000)
It means only ASU and FIU are affordable.

You need to apply to more instate universities and to universities that will be affordable.

What do you want to major in?
What APs (or IB, dual enrollment, AICE, Pseo…) have you taken?
What’s your Fafsa efc?
With this info, we can try to help you find a few affordable universities.

That calculation makes sense. I am still applying for scholarships at other schools. I personally am not crazy about FIU. I am thinking of a way to try and afford Bama or one of the other schools. ASU I believe wasn’t my major. I applied to some in-state schools but both are private schools. I don’t know if I applied to in-state public schools but even then I would still have to find a way to afford. Some of them are more expensive or similar prices as out of state schools.

  1. My major is Computer Engineering
  2. I don’t think I took APs (remember I’m a transfer student).
    I am unsure since I am pretty much done with applying but I remember it was 3.0+ It was enough to wear I top into some great schools like Ohio State haha. I am still waiting to hear from some schools so if they give me scholarships I am sure those will help.

If you can earn more, Alabama may be workable but 20K a year is really your upper limit. As a transfer student, your loans are a MAXIMUM of $7,500 a year, so add that you whatever money you can make part-time then full time + scholarship.
Don’t forget to look into room&food costs (assuming you’ll be living off campus).

Can you still apply to instate PUBLIC universities?

I’m trying to earn more but I also need to continue to face my studies. I am waiting to hear back from other Uni’s though. Oh! Is there a standard maximum for transfers? or is that just for financially? I am also going to be interning this summer so that will give some extra income.

Even in state public colleges would be over $24,000 a year. I do plan on trying to get as many scholarships as I can for school. I am still looking into Missouri S&T though. I plan to live on campus for some schools but majority off campus. I could apply to some in-state but a lot aren’t very good ranks for my major. I want to go where my major is offered and has a good job placement and reputation (especially in Engineering).

Wow. 37? That’s a lot of applications.