Flagler College Am I A Good Canidate

<p>I am a current high school junior, and have fallen in love with Flagler. Its the perfect college as I see it for me. I am into interior design, design in general, and business. I come from a single parent family, with two sisters. Family living on tutors salary, and I have my own job to pay for my needs (clothing, food when I am out with friends, etc) and my mom has student loans (in graduate school). We get services from the school for free lunch, free athletics, free transportation (buses), etc. </p>

<p>My un-weighted GPA is 2.7 and weighted 3.1 (however, this has to be re-calculated due to previous schools grades, transferred to new school in sophomore year) I have not taken SAT's yet but did before and got 500's average on all sections. </p>

<p>I work 10-12 hrs a week, am a competitive diver for my high school, and am also starting up a competitive gymnastics team. I also have 30+ community service hours</p>

<p>Considering my financial situation, and everything else, do you think I have a good chance at Flagler? It would really be a dream to go to such an amazing college</p>

<p>Looks like you've got an okay chance, not a sure shot but definitely not a 'no.' If you can take your SATs again, shoot for 550s & maybe consider taking a Subject test in the area you're strongest in. Your grades aren't ideal so your essay is going to be an important aspect of your application. If you have an opportunity to explain why your grades aren't stellar, certainly mention needing to hold a job, etc but avoid making excuses for yourself. Flagler loves a kid with a work ethic. I'm a current senior there so let me know if you have any questions & good luck.</p>