FlexMed 2019 Chances

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could chance me for the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s FlexMed program? (2019 cycle)

Molecular and Cell Biology major and Anthropology minor at a public college in CT.
Will have about 100+ hours of volunteer EMS experience when applying.
Virology research surrounding the Picornaviridae family of viruses with a professor at my college.
33 ACT
3.974 cumulative college GPA, 3.85 unweighted high school GPA, 4.996 weighted high school GPA
Two leadership positions (one as a Outreach coordinator for STEM club, and another as secretary for EMS club)
Member of Honors Program at the University.
International Orientation Leader, Hospital volunteering (nearing 100+ hours), Shadowed Physicians (about 70 hours)
Want to get recommendation letters from an Anthropology professor, research professor, and physician that I shadowed.
Flex factor: experience that allows me to double major in MCB and Anthropology instead of just minoring in Anthropology due to the available time. Instead, I want to minor in Pubic Health. Strongly believe that a balanced education with the social sciences and liberal arts is extremely important to the healthcare setting. I will also be able to fit in a study abroad to take part in service learning initatives in third-world countries.

Which University do you attend?

Were those extracurriculars all done while in college?

What is your science cumulative GPA?

Did you take all your science classes at the University you are currently enrolled in?

I am currently attending the University of Connecticut.

All these extra curricular activities are being done right now while I’m in college.

My science cumulative GPA is a 3.95.

All my science classes so far have been taken at UConn.

This is for the FlexMed program, which allows sophomores in college to apply for medical school through Mount Sinai.