Florida colleges OOS NMF scholarships 2022-23

With the demise of the OOS Benacquisto NMF scholarships to FL universities, let’s see what other opportunities emerge for OOS NMFs. Seems like a great opportunity for FSU, Miami, UCF and others to recruit OOS NMFs who in the past may have gone to UF, as it’s unlikely UF comes up with any OOS NMF specific scholarship of its own.

Checking the current info available on their web sites, FSU does not reference any new scholarship. It just contains a link to the state Benacquisto site, which scholarship of course is no longer available to OOS students. But it is still a bit early. FSU may come up with something as the new school year approaches. With an OOS tuition waiver, FSU is still very affordable; but an additional NMF scholarship could make it very attractive for my S22 and others.

UCF does mention that OOS NMFs are not eligible for Benacquisto but are eligible for additional scholarships. But it does not seem to say what those are or how much. U of Miami has no info other than a small NMF scholarship.

As y’all visit these schools, ask what they are going to do about OOS NMFs, if anything, and post it here. We’ll be looking hard at FSU and Miami so will post info when we get some.


For the last 4-5 years, that Benacquisto money was just extra for these schools. They could take money they used to give to NMF and redirect it to other high stat students or another group they wanted to attract like minority or special skills (music, art, math, engineering). The schools might be happy with the mix they have.

I don’t see where the schools will suddenly come up with the millions the state was paying. They might, but it was a pretty sweet deal for the schools to have the full COA covered for NMF students and the schools didn’t have to contribute anything.

For UF, yes you are surely correct. But many of the other FL schools already had scholarships to attract OOS NMF to their schools before Benacquisto, which perhaps they will implement again now (in some fashion) in order to attract those students. We’ll see. The purpose of this thread was to solicit info from anyone about any new NMF scholarships by FL schools, as they are announced.

Yes, but in the last 5 years they shifted those fund to other students, so now would have to shift them back, which could make some departments unhappy. For example, if the money went to a music or theater scholarships and those departments will now have to give them up, where would the money come from?

All the schools were happy to take the state’s money, but now they have to decide how to divvy up their own money.

I emailed the freshmen scholarship coordinator at FSU to see if they planned any additional scholarships for NMFs, in the wake of the demise of OOS Benacquisto. She replied with “out-of-state National Merit Finalists are eligible for an out-of-state tuition waiver scholarship, a university freshman scholarship, and a $500 NMSC stipend (if college sponsored) for a total value of approximately $69,376 over four years. National Merit Finalists are also still guaranteed admission into FSU’s University Honors Program.” So basically, no new NMF specific scholarship but still a great value for NMFs and other high stats OOS applicants, as the annual cost of tuition and housing would be under $10,000.