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<p>I'm currently researching and applying to colleges, as I will be a Senior next year, but for financial reasons I'm limited to Florida schools only, since I'll have both Bright Futures and in-state tuition is of course considerably less.
Anyways, I have a weighted GPA of about 4.2, SAT score is 2020, ACT 28 (and I'm retaking both of them at the earliest test dates), and I'm planning to major in Psychology, while also taking all the prerequisites for medical school so that when the time comes for me to graduate, I can apply to both medical schools and grad schools for pursuing psychology further as a fall back.
I visited both UF and FSU, and I absolutely loved both campuses, and I don't really know which one I liked over the other because both felt very friendly and welcoming and like a place I could call home.
So my question is, with my major and future plans, what would you consider the best college to go to? And not just UF and FSU, but other schools in Florida as well, (and I've recently been looking into liberal arts colleges, and I'm kind of interested in knowing more about them, since I'm not really sure if I'd want to go to such a small school, but they still seem interesting).
Thanks :)</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure all major colleges in Florida will cater to your psychology major, just because it is so very common. Let's see, New College is a small, liberal arts school you have to have a lot of drive and dedication to go there, however. FSU and UF are very similar, both state flagships; choosing between them may come down to scholarship money. (I think UF has more prestige, though). UCF has a large campus and is fairly new (psychology is a very popular major there, too). University of Miami I'm not too familiar with,
But I know it is a great school. UNF is somewhere to look into if you would like to study abroad. USF is an up and coming school, though fairly under-rated. Each school has something unique to offer.
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<p>UMiami is a private school. Doesn't factor in. </p>

<p>New College is the most interesting of the lot. As to UF, FSU and UCF, apply to all and see where you get in for Honors College and who gives you money on top of Bright Futures. Do well wherever you go and you will be fine.</p>

<p>With the score you have is great. You can get any university of your choice in state or out of state and in the honor colege too. In fact, if you apply for some of scholarships you can get the full ride to any college. Psy. is a very broad major, UCF, FSU,USF, and UF would be schools that i would look in if i was you. Trust me your problem is not "If you can get in" "Its how much money is each colege given me?"</p>

<p>yea you should really try to do your homework, uf although im not a uf fan i have to give credit were credit is deserved is a great school although i dont know much about liberal arts. just have to find a feel for what you like if you switched to say medical fsu is crossed out and usf comes into the picture, all depends just gotta do some background check ups</p>