Florida schools?

<p>We are in the EARLY/EARLY stage of college searches. My son is a soph in HS and very interested in a major in theater (probably musical); though he may also want to double major in Graphic Design.</p>

<p>Geographically, he has said for the longest time that he would like to attend college in FL and get away from the NE winters for a while (which I fully support, and envy!).</p>

<p>Can anyone speak to the Theater programs in Florida? His early gut feeling is that he would not want to attend the BIG schools like Florida State, U of FL but if the program was right then would re-think.</p>

<p>Any direction would be very much appreciated!</p>

<p>This forum (Theater/Drama Majors) is for straight acting. College Confidential has a huge forum, much bigger than this one, exclusively for MT (Musical Theater). Their colleges are different, their auditions are different, so it's good they have their own forum. Most of us who hang out here don't have any interest in the MT side of things. Of course there's some overlap, and some people subscribe to both forums. Just thought you should be brought up to speed, since you're a newbie.</p>

<p>Check out the University of Miami. I am a New Englander as well and LOVE it here.</p>

<p>Check out FIU. The program is small but it reputation is on the upswing. Really diverse student body and lots of individual attention.</p>