Florida State Party Scene

I’m a prospective student and I just have a few questions about the social/party life at Florida state. I’m from upstate New York so how many Oos kids will I meet and how will that affect me making friends? Also I’m not really into the whole Greek scene but I do want to be able to go out to parties a couple nights a week. Are the bars 18+ or 21+? Also how easy is it to get into the bars with a fake? As for frats and Greek life, what’s the hazing scene like? Finally (don’t know if should be asking this on here) but do a lot of kids at FSU smoke weed haha? Thanks for any input.

You sound like you’re going to school for the wrong reasons.

OP: If it helps, nobody has ever confused FSU with BYU.

No state has an 18 drinking age because if they did they wouldn’t get federal highway funds. If you want an 18 drinking age, go out of the country to college. Or you can to to Wisconsin and take your parents with you because parents can take their children into bars and the children can legally drink. Does that sound like fun?

The fraternity houses host a lot of parties at FSU.