Florida State University Film

<p>I am a high school junior taking classes at Seminole State College attempting to earn my A.A. degree concurrently with my high school diploma. I have very good grades in my dual enrollment classes as well as my high school courses (A’s and B’s only, mostly A’s). Right now, my education is going phenomenally well, and chances are I’d have my pick of “practical” career majors at different universities. My problem, though, is that I only want to pursue film. Why is this a problem? I have zero experience in the field. The best film school in the state seems to be FSU, and, wow, it looks incredible. 30 students get accepted into this program each year from what I hear. It is extremely competitive. </p>

<p>So, what’s my point? Well, as everyone on this site knows, college is very expensive. I’m searching for scholarships, and I’m more than willing to do whatever it takes to pay for film school if I feel it is a good investment. FSU seems like a perfect choice. My problem is that I cannot seem to find any other film school in Florida that can offer me as much as FSU can without a portfolio (like I said, I have no experience in this field). My question is this: Can a student get into this incredible program on impressive academic achievement and writing skills? All I have is my grades, my courses, my clubs, and a good amount of writing talent. I can get references as well. </p>

<p>Also, can anyone point out any film schools in Florida that are as impressive as FSU? </p>

<p>You need a portfolio. If you don’t have one, it gives the impression you couldn’t be bothered to put it together. </p>

<p>If you put one together with shorts made on old equipment and with unpaid friends as actors, it says you know how to work with a limited budget, not that you’re not worthy because you don’t have the best toys. Drawing storyboards, writing a script, and designing costumes is free. (Google docs has a free, if not really excellent, script formatting add-on.) Call the state film board and see if there’s anything being filmed in your area that you can talk your way into as an unpaid floor-sweeper and bottle washer. Look on acting websites and see what’s out there (yes, I know you’re not an actor, but where there are actors there is often film). Find local drama and tech students who also need things to add to their portfolios, and pool resources. You don’t need a huge portfolio, but you need it to be a good representation of the amazing skills you’ll need to display to the adcoms.</p>

<p>IOW…you need the academics and ECs, but you also need to demonstrate some motivation. You need to make them want you more than they do the other hundreds of people applying.</p>