Florida State University/ FSU Accepted Rejected Class of 2024

I couldn’t find a thread started yet for this year. Forgive me if I missed it.

My D20 is applying from out of state and is anxiously awaiting the result. She received an email today that her application is complete a ready for review (even though everything was submitted on 10/14) and she will have an answer on Jan 30th.

Anyone else anxiously awaiting answers?

My DD received same email.

Thank you for starting the thread. My oldest D was accepted into Honors with an in-state tuition waiver two years ago. We are waiting to hear on our second D’s application. Two years ago, they released their acceptances approximately one week earlier than what is listed on the web site. I believe that’s been the case for the last four years. This time around, we are expecting to hear on Jan. 24 after 4pm. We believe it will become available online and a snail mail envelope will arrive in our mailbox soon after. That’s how it was done two years ago.

It seems like several large state schools routinely list one date but release acceptances earlier. I’m not sure why that is other than they have to gather decisions from multiple schools within a larger university and don’t want to be pinned down on a specific date.

My DD also received the same email. I hate the waiting game.

My S got the email as well. High stat, OOS. FSU is in his top three.

@fsudad2022 How does your oldest D like FSU? Would you mind sharing her stats? We are OOS and FSU is in my D’s top 5 (College of Business). Also we haven’t visited yet, so hoping it’s as beautiful as the pics.

Sorry I realize the handle and my posts might indicate that my oldest D is at FSU. Two years ago, she had multiple offers/scholarships and chose Miami University in Oxford, OH as a pre-med honors student. She made a great choice and loves it there and is flourishing academically and socially. I couldn’t figure out to change my handle on here so I’m fsudad2022!

We liked FSU a great deal. My wife and I were convinced she would be attending even though it was 10 hours away. I think she may end up in Tallahassee after all – she is applying to med school at FSU next year after completing undergrad in three years. Our oldest had a 1290 SAT, 30 ACT, 4.82 GPAW, 3.87UW, three leadership positions in organizations and the best teacher references I’ve ever seen. She’s also a legacy fwiw.

We were impressed by the Honors Program faculty who went out of their way to communicate with our daughter after she was accepted. It was clear they wanted our child and had a vision around her interest in pediatric medicine. Small details were discussed that you wouldn’t expect prior to enrolling, including info on specific internships around Florida. Prior to that, we were impressed by the campus, the honors housing, and the weather. It just has a great big school and school spirit feel – there’s so many student activities and facilities readily available but solid communities (pre-med groups) within the large university. We went on 22 visits with our children over the years - FSU was a top 3 tour. It had a great vibe for our daughters – ya know it when you see it I guess and it worked for all of us.

Our next daughter is high on FSU as well and I ‘think’ she would choose to go there if accepted, hence my posting on here two years later. Hope this helps.

Thank you, @fsudad2022 !

My D20 is also waiting for FSU. @fsudad2022 I hope you are right that the admission notifications come out a week early! :slight_smile:

Also waiting on FSU! Fingers crossed!

Anxiously waiting for FSU to announce decisions. My oldest went to FSU and they awarded the OOS waiver and scholarships in the acceptance letter. Curious to see what the test score cutoff will be for the OOS waiver this year.

Daughter is another OOS applicant also anxiously awaiting news and especially if she’ll get the waiver this year. If it stays the same as last year (31 ACT and 4.0 GPA) then she’ll get it, so fingers crossed! While still unsure if she wants to be far from home, it would be great to keep it in the running, and that’ll only happen with good merit.

@voyagermom Question- Do you know if that 4.0 weighted or unweighted? Also was that 31 on a single test or super scored?

I also received the email on 12/12, @MBNC1755 . Eager to hear - my mom grew up in Orlando and I really like what I’ve seen about their academics. OOS with a 31 ACT and 4.1 GPA weighted, so hopeful about financial aid - but not sure if they look at weighted v. unweighted GPA?

They used weighted gpa and super scored in the past, let’s hope it is that way this year as well.

@MBNC1755 last year it was 4.0 weighted (based on their way of weighing it, not however an individual high school calculates it) and I know this year they are super scoring for ACT so I would assume it’s been that way in the past as well.

Finding it odd that FSU is offering OOS waivers for stats that seem very in the middle for their normal fall class (GPA 4.1-4.5, ACT 28-32) especially since OOS acceptance has dipped down to under 20%.

Do they ever offer OOS waivers for those accepted to summer or only fall?

Your stats do not align to the reported data on FSU.https://ir.fsu.edu/commondataset.aspx 30 composite = top quartile & 4.07 = mean GPA for 2018-19
Also, in addition to disparate grading standards from school-to-school ( not to mention within the same schools), weightings differ as well. Take for example someone who took all classes on a 5 point scale. A 4.5 = 90% of avail points = 3.6 on a 4 point unweighted scale. This is not more impressive than someone w/ a 3.95 out of 4. This is why standardized testing is needed- it is the only reliable, consistent metric to compare students, i.e. no grade inflation, etc.

@NJFather I thought the common data set for FSU included summer admissions as well. The stats I mentioned above were from this article:


Which is why I was curious if anyone had ever gotten an OSS wavier offered for summer.

I would guess that since an out of state waiver has in the past required a weighted 4.0gpa and a minimum 30 ACT/1410 SAT that an admitted student with those stats would not be offered summer, they’d be offered fall. If a student WANTED to start in summer that’s different, but typically those offered the summer only start option are lower in the gpa/SAT range and would not qualify for the OOS waiver.