FM RD Class of 2022

Hey everyone,

Didn’t see a thread for FM regular decision applicants of 2022, so I decided to start one. Decisions are being released via application portal tomorrow. Really excited and nervous!!! Who else applied to FM RD?

Look forward to your responses. :slight_smile:

Applied RD! International student from India.

RD applicant here - International student from Bangladesh!

My daughter applied RD. It’s one of her top choices!

Good luck to all of us. 2 hours and 40 minutes to go


Daughter waitlisted.

Decisions are out. Waitlisted here


1480 SAT, 4.0 GPA, International with great essays but 0 EFC.

Daughter was accepted (in-state; applied via essay option submission).

Wailisted here. International with low EFC.

Accepted. 29 ACT, 4.23 W GPA, 2/123, in state. EFC=0 Only have to pay 2K out of pocket!


ACCEPTED!!! 3.9 W GPA, 29 ACT, top 20% of class


Son accepted!

Waitlisted. International from Vietnam

Does anyone know when they send out waitlist decisions?

choose another school…its not worth it!