Football Returns to Mercer!

<p>I think this will be a big draw for new students! My son almost didn't go here because they didn't have football. (Luckily he did go - and loved it even without football)</p>

<p>Football</a> Returns</p>

<p>It's an interesting school option for us also. We are in Orlando, FL and I was all hot about smaller schools that play football but also take academics seriously. In other words, my son is slow and white. </p>

<p>Kidding. </p>

<p>I jest. </p>

<p>He isn't bad and he is hispanic not that it matters. </p>

<p>So, after starting with Lehigh and Elon and Furman and Wake and working my way south since he likes cold weather and diversity I was happy to discover Mercer is going to get into the football business. </p>

<p>So is larger Kennesaw State and possibly Stetson in nearby Deland, FL. So while Northern schools like Hofstra drop football southern schools (Old Dominion, South Alabama, Georgia State) add the sport. </p>

<p>Mercer is probably too small but it is on the radar. They just hired Furman's old coach to be the coach. Bobby Lamb. He was at Furman as a player and coach forever.</p>