For all SYTD fans-new show called Beverly Hills Brides

<p>Hello fellow Say Yes to the Dress buddies and viewers. Just wanted to remind everyone there is some type of spin-off tonight at 10 pm (EST) called Beverly Hills Brides. Can't wait to see if this a different from the SYTD framework producers used for Atlanta. I am so glad to have the original back on at 9-wow do I need to get a life!</p>

<p>Enjoy tonight!</p>

<p>OK, I can't see anything but lips!! With the first bride all I could think of was Legally Blond! At least the Jewish family was normal.</p>

<p>^^ I couldn't get past the lips either. How can anyone think that's a good look?</p>

<p>Yikes. Why do they think these fake lips are pretty?</p>

<p>Liked the Jewish family. Poor dad...</p>

<p>I have to say that I like the BH version of show much better than the Atlanta version.</p>

<p>The XXX bride - OMG. Funny.</p>

<p>Couldn't stop staring at the lips. How can anyone think that look is attractive???</p>

<p>I am not a huge fan of the Atlanta version (although it did grow on me), but I like it better than the BH version. Too much plastic for me.</p>

<p>Could not get past the first bride. I turned it off. It seemed so scripted.</p>

<p>Wow. Kevin Lee (the model for "Frank" in Father of the Bride) was a hoot. Don't think I'll be watching this one again though.</p>

<p>Watched one episode. Ugh. Fake people, fake salespeople. Don't expect this one to last long.</p>

<p>The lips fascinated me. I'll tell you what, though, I loved the straps on the first dress she tried on.</p>

<p>Finally tuning in to this one. OMG, it's awful! The anorexic actress is making me nauseous. Please, bring back my Southern belles! Anything is better than this!</p>

<p>Last week I gagged through the first episode and was appauled at the porn queen episode - absolutely not wasting any more time on this show...</p>

<p>Is it just me, or does everything on the show - the store itself, the cast, even the dresses - look cheap? I've never been to Beverly Hills but always thought the boutiques there must be full of high-quality stuff. Our local David's Bridal looks better than this supposedly high-end spot.</p>

<p>Watched it for the first time last night. It was awful. Won't waste my time on that one again.</p>

<p>I had the unfortunate luck of stumbling upon this show last night! Frazzled1..I thought the same thing! Everyone and everything on the show looked terribly cheap and tacky! Yuck!</p>

<p>^^^Agreed. Not classy like Kleinfeld's. And who were those women with the anorexic actress? They had the paparazzi following them. But I loved it when the "celebrity" came in and told her she looked like a ghost. She really did, right out of one of her own horror movies! I guess I missed the lips and the porn star. And the owner, she's awful! Please, bring Lori back!</p>

<p>I am a SYTTD addict. Only show where I will happily watch the same re-run I have seen more than one time before.... would likely need long-term therapy to figure that out!</p>

<p>I <em>tolerate</em> the Atlanta version to fill-in when Randy and the New York crew are not around. I never even tuned in to the Beverly Hills one - I figured it to be closer to "Real Housewives of fill-in-the-blank" than my beloved Say Yes.</p>

<p>The first few posts on this thread had me thinking... "well.... maybe...." But the predominant opinion seems to be it's worthless or worse. So I guess I'll stay away.</p>