For all you lawyer types...

<p>Can a federally funded private religious school legally</p>

<p>A) Require prayer of each student - no matter their religious beliefs or connections?</p>

<p>B) Deny the ability to start certain clubs that conflict with the religion? (like a GSA)</p>

<p>I'm just trying to figure out whether my school is legal or not...</p>

<p>If these are serious questions, you should ask a real lawyer if this is something you really care about. My thoughts are that those are probably legal actions because it is a private religious school before it is a federally-funded school. By choosing a religious school, you're giving them the ability to impose religiously motivated rules upon you. </p>

<p>You can also aks in the law school forum, there are actual lawerly types there.</p>

<p>I am just curious and probably won't be able to answer your whole question. Sorry. I, however, do go to a Catholic school and have come across these problems before.
The federally funded part confuses me. I am not aware that they typically fund religious schools.
How exactly are they requiring you to pray?
And I know absolutely nothing about the GSA so I can't really help there.</p>

<p>They can fund the education portion as long as it is not specifically pro-denominational.</p>

<p>Well you are allowed to practice any religion or belief you like under the constitution of course. And if the school have never signed any kind of contract or agreement with you stating otherwise, then no ,they cannot force you into prayer. But starting a club is probably a different matter, because you will most likely be using their grounds and I don't know about that, ask the law forum people. Nobody here has ever received legal education yet.</p>