For new University of Dayton admits, how good was your merit aid scholarships?

Hi! I’ve been looking to apply to University of Dayton, though I’m unsure whether the merit aid they offer is great; since my sister is already in college as a sophomore, I don’t want the cost to be overwhelming for my parents. As the title says, I was wondering on how good were merit aid scholarships Dayton provided for this year’s incoming class. Thank you for your help!

My daughters merit aid was very good and transparent. They grant scholarships based on SAT or ACT score. This is posted on their website. In addition my daughter received 3 other scholarships. One was a leadership is service. No application, you just have to be nominated by a leader in your church, school or community. If you applying to UD have your guidance counselor nominate you. My daughter also received a minority engineering scholarship and another one that we didn’t apply for, just received.

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My son just started at UD this week. The merit and financial aid he received was solid. Plus, he received the $1,000/year textbook scholarship.
In addition, everything regarding pricing is very transparent, and the tuition cost is locked in, so even if the tuition cost rises over the next four years, his aid will rise at the same rate.
I’ve been very impressed with UD thus far. Everyone who spoke at orientation seems to be on the ball, and the campus is lovely.

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Hey I just was browsing through Dayton topics as I am thinking of going there. Has your child been enjoying his experience at the school?

My S21 received the Trustee’s Merit Scholarship of $121,600 over 4yrs (starts at $29k/yr) + upto $4k for books.

Wow! Do u mind sharing his stats as a reference for what kind of stats would qualify for merit scholarships?

Test Optional
Class Rank: 2
Varsity Soccer & Basketball - All-State

International student, received 97, 000 for 4 yrs

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Oh wow that’s great! Do u mind sharing your stats

Yeah, sure!
UW GPA -3.85
NO class rank, but was always top 10%
Test optional
Pretty strong EC’s
( One of which is Varsity BB )

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Oh wow that’s amazing! I’m only a junior but really want to attend there although I haven’t visited yet

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You got this!!!