For those of you admitted to Spring Semester (thinking about Freshman Connection)

<p>Hi everyone, </p>

<p>With decisions being released I'd love to take this time to tell you all admitted to the Spring 2012 Semester about the Freshman Connection program. As a Spring 2011 admit, I wasn't sure about Freshman Connection either... I figured how I wanted to live on campus and have normal daytime classes and I thought I wouldn't feel like a real Terp. I am really happy about my decision to go to UMD and participate in the Freshman Connection program though. As a Freshman Connection student, you have later classes (from 3pm-9pm) and can't live on campus the first semester but being a FC student also has major pros. The first of many is that you are in much, much smaller classes (between 20-180 people a class vs 100-500 as a normal student) so it is really easy to get to know people and make some amazing friends. Another pro of the FC program is that it truly sets you up to be on track to graduate... Of course another pro is having the opportunity to sleep in for all of first semester (which is pretty awesome as a college student because once Spring Semester hits, it's a whole different ball game). Also, although you cannot live on campus, you do have the opportunity to lease an apartment right off campus instead of commuting. I currently reside at The University View II, which is very nice. They are also building a new apartment building next to The View, called The Varsity. Please feel free to look into these if you decide to do Freshman Connection because they are leasing up already for next year. Also, I strongly advise you to make the trip down here to the Open House in the Spring to hear about The Letters and Sciences program and Freshman Connection. It may sound like a pain, but looking back on it I don't think I'd have it any other way. :-) Feel free to comment back with questions or anything. :-)</p>

<p>Yeah hi, I was one of the students that was accepted into the freshman connection program and I had a few questions:</p>

<li>Are you allowed to take classes that pertain to your major even though you are in Letters and Sciences/FC?
<li>Since it automatically puts you in Letters and Sciences how hard is it to get into your actual intended major for your junior year. (My major is business)</li>

<p>Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>Thanks for the help, I was also accepted for the spring semester and had some questions:
1. Are the classes you take during the first semester on a lower level, or are they just normal classes?
2. Is there limited space available in the apartments right off campus? (Meaning if I'm interested, should I register as quickly as possible, or do I have time to think about it?)</p>

<p>It's important to consider what the acceptance rate is for the School of Business when you have to apply your junior year to get in to your major. I don't see it advertised on the UMD website. This would be pretty important info that should be listed. Do you know what that rate is? It would make a big difference in deciding to risk going to MD if the chances of getting into your major junior year are slim.</p>

1. You basically take the basic core class during the first two semesters of college anyway (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, English101, Math, Sociology, etc). So you don't really have to worry about getting into super specific class either way since you need so many of each of the core classes. However, as long as your major isn't a LEP (Limited Enrollment Program), which I am not sure if business is or not... You are allowed to declare a major before/when you start your Spring Semester of Freshman Year. I think this answers both questions. :) </p>

1. Yes, the classes you take during the first semester are on the same level as regular Fall admits. The only difference is that they are at night (between 3pm-9pm) and they are smaller. :)
2. There is limited space available in the apartments... However there are TONS of apartments in The View, The View II, The Varsity, The Maza Grand Marc, and The Enclave. So just take your time in thinking about it and after you make your decision of whether or not you are going to attend UMD, then look into it and decide. :) </p>

<p>Feel free to post back if you have any more questions!</p>


<p>Thank you for bringing that up! I am not sure how all of the majors work... @kindaUMDterp, you should definitely look into that. Sorry about my lack of knowledge on that subject! :-(</p>

<p>Does anybody know what happens if we accept Freshmen Connection? Do we get taken off the waitlist for Fall 2011?</p>

<p>Thank you both for the help,</p>

<p>I just looked and unfortunately business is a LEP major. So does this mean that i have to wait to declare my major?</p>

<p>And regarding the acceptance rate of the business school this is what the website said:</p>

<p>"Transfer Admission Requirements: Internal and external transfer students may apply to become business majors after they have earned 45 credits and, if approved, will be accepted for the semester following the completion of 60 credits. Admission to the Smith School is highly competitive. Academic record, co-curricular involvement, leadership experience and honors and awards will be considered in the admission decision. Students are strongly encouraged to submit a resume and letter detailing their accomplishments and experience with their applications.</p>

<p>Students may be in the process of completing BMGT 221 and ECON 200 or 201 in the semester in which they apply for admission but must have completed all gateway courses by the end of the current semester. Students should have completed 50% of CORE by the time they have reached 60 credits. Applications are due on March 1 or June 15 for the fall semester, and November 1 for the spring semester. </p>

<p>A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all college coursework is required for consideration for all internal and external transfer applicants."</p>

<p>So I'm guessing transferring into this program is very competitive?</p>

<p>Do you have roomates in the apartment, and if so do they just group you together with other freshman connection attendees or do you end up choosing who you live with?</p>

<p>yeah, whats the deal if I want to major in engineering?
What steps would have to be made?</p>

<p>This is from the UMD website for those applying to the School of Business ... if accepted, they will assign you to take business classes at College Park or Shady Grove (in which case you have to take a shuttle to the Capital Beltway & then up Route 270) unless you have a car. UMD acknowledges that most students find taking the classes at College Park preferable but they don't have the space. If you were not admitted to Business directly from your freshman application, you have to compete to be admitted after your sophomore year. </p>

<p>"How will I know for sure that I will be admitted? May I indicate a preference for program location?</p>

<p>You will be evaluated for admission in a competitive pool of other applicants for the same semester. You may indicate your preference of program location in your cover letter. Current campus location is taken into account in the admission decision; however, the admission committee will offer placement to either College Park or Shady Grove business program, based upon capacity in the program and the strength of your application. While we understand the preference of many students to study on the main campus, space limitations prevent us from accommodating all of the admitted students at the Smith School at College Park."</p>

<p>Uggggh, so in other words they're are saying its pretty much impossible to transfer in? lol</p>

<p>So when you do freshman connection, even though you have the option of moving back on campus, do you end up just staying off campus for the whole year?</p>

<p>It's not impossible to transfer into the business school as a junior. You just have to work really hard because yeah, the b-school is hard to get into like everyone says, but it's certainly doable. My friend got into the business school as an internal transfer this semester.</p>

<p>also staying off campus for a whole year is completely up to you. You can get on campus housing in the spring, which I got with no problem. pretty good housing too.</p>

<p>Okay thanks for the help! Any idea how good your friends grades were? And if they had good EC's or not?</p>

<p>She had A's and B's and I think just one C for macro. She took a few internships and worked on campus as well, apart of at least two clubs. Totally deserved it imo</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the help! I'm definitely considering doing Freshman Connection, I absolutely love Maryland</p>

<p>thanks for the info on FC. My son got accepted for Spring 2012 and now we will go down there for the OH and decide. How close is the off campus housing? What is a typical apt and how much rent do you pay? Is there transportation or do you need a car? Do you still feel connected to other freshman on campus?</p>

<p>For info on off campus housing, visit Off-Campus</a> Housing Services :: University of Maryland. Most nearby apartments have bus stops that are serviced by UMD shuttles (which are free for students/staff). I was a spring admit in 2010 but I didn't do FC lol</p>

<p>For the students admitted Spring 2012 with WAITLIST for Fall, here are statistics I found on USNWR;</p>

<p>Fall 2009 Wait List<br>
Wait list Yes
Applicants placed on wait list 857
Students on the wait list accepted 857
Students enrolled from wait list 9
Fall 2009 High School Rank </p>

<p>I'd say this is great news for you!</p>